Give Thank You A Try

By James Patterson, Illustrated by Elizabet Vukovic, Jeff Ebbeler, Louise Forshaw, Tracy Dockray, Cori Doerrfeld, Jennifer Zivoin, Jordan Wray, Ryan Wheatcroft, Kate Babok, John Nez, Donald Wu, Chelen Ecija, Bao Luu, Luck Flowers, Ruth Galloway, Julia Kuo, Jomike Tejido, Julie Robine, Alejandro O’Kif, Cori Doerrfeld. (Jimmy Partterson Books-2017)

Saying “Thank you” can be something that children do automatically without thinking much about what it means. This book shows how we can feel gratitude for so many things – not just for birthday presents, but even for the simplest things in our lives. Kids know when to say thank you – this book will tell them why with presenting different illustrator’s art works on page to page.


Big Feelings

By Alexandra Penfold, Illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman ( Alfred A. Knopf – 2021 )

” I have big feelings. You have them too. How can I help? What can we do? ” What should we do when things don’t go according to plan? We may feel mad, frustrated, or overwhelmed, but by talking it through, compromising, and seeing another point of view, we can start fresh, being anew. The author and the illustrator help children navigate the emotional challenges they face in their daily lives in this gentle and reassuring read-aloud. >>>Alexandra Penfold’s books and Suzanne Kaufman’s books in SHI collection.

「私には色々な感情がある。あなたにも色々な感情がある。どうして上げたら良い?私達で何ができる?」ものごとが予定通りに進まなかった時、どうしたら良いだろう?きっと怒りを感じ、フラストレーションに襲われ、又は打ちのめされた気分になるだろう。しかし互いに話を最後まで聞き、共通点を見つけ、意見の違いを理解することによって、新たらしい気持ちで再挑戦することが出来る。この優しく力強く語る絵本の中で、作者とイラストレーターは子ども達を日常生活の中で遭遇する感情の衝突をいかに処理するか導いてくれる。>>>SHIのコレクションにあるAlexandra Penfoldの作品Suzanne Kaufmanの作品

Like Best Friends

By Bob Raczka, Illustrated by Merrilee Liddiard ( Cameron Kids – 2020 )

Summer drags like a book that starts out good, then isn’t. A boy is bored, so he hops on his bike and heads for the playground, where he finds a girl on a swing. Soon they are having fun like best friends. This playful poem introduces young readers to similes and how they make our language more colorful. >>> Merrilee Liddiard’s books in SHI collection.

その夏は、興奮して読み始めたが読むうちに興奮が冷めてしまう本と同じであった。少年は退屈だったので、自転車に乗り公園に向かった。そこで、ブランコに乗っている少女を見つけた。じきに二人は、一緒に楽しい時間を過ごし始めた。この遊び心に溢れる詩の絵本は、若い読者達に物事を例えることを紹介し、それは日常のコミュニケーションにより豊かな色彩をもたらすと教えてくれる。>>>SHIのコレクションにあるMerrilee Liddiardの作品

Sweet People are Everywhere

By Alice Walker, Illustrated by Quim Torres ( Tra. Publishing – 2021 )

Sweet people are everywhere! They are all over the globe. Sweet people can be found from Canada to Cong to Cuba, from Afghanistan to Australia, from Ireland to Iraqu…There are Sweet people in the thirty-seven places listed in these pages and everywhere else on the planet. Take a trip through the lines of this large-hearted poem by Alice Walker and meet some of them! >>> Alice Walker is the author of “The Color Purple” and activist. On the last pages, found “Talking with author Alice Walker, and Notes on the illustrations.


A Blue Kind of Day

By Rachel Tomlinson, Illustrated by Tori-Jay Mordey ( Kokila 2022 )

Coen is having a slumping, sighing, sobbing kind of day. Mum, Dad, and Coen’s little sister, Junie, each think they know how best to cheer him up, but none of the usual solutions are helping this time. So one by one, they get quiet and wait as Coen listens to his body. They waited because feelings cannot be rushed. They waited because it was okay that Coen felt blue. They waited because they knew that Coen’s blue feelings could not last forever. >>> On the last page, the author’s note found. The author is a registered psychologist.


Music Class Today!

By David Weinstone, illustrated by Vin Vogel ( Farrar Straus Giroux – 2015 )

As soon as the teacher starts to play his guitar and sing, the kids are whirling and twirling and having a blast. But for one hesitant little music maker, it is all a bit overwhelming at first. With energetic and bright illustrations, this reassuring story about courage it sometimes takes to try something new will resonate with children everywhere. >>> The author founded an interactive music class for preschoolers in 1997. Details :


You’ll Find Me

By Amanda Rawson Hill, Illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff ( Magination Press – 2020 )

Absence becomes remembrance in this soothing book that offers tender ways to pay tribute throughout daily life to a loved one who is not around. The narration encourages thoughtful reflection on empty speces, while the gentle scenses inspire recovery from sadness and honor those who are absent. This lyrical, heartful story provides comfort and gently encourages readers to remember. >>> Illustrator, Joanne Lew-Vriethoff’s books in SHI collection.

愛する人や動物を失った喪失感は、日常生活の中に呼び戻すことによって、思い出となって慰めてくれる。空っぽの心に思いを蘇らせることを勇気ずけるごとく語り、悲しみや喪失感から立ち直る優しい感覚も呼び戻してくれる。このリリカルで心温まる絵本は、思い出を大切にすることを、心地よくそして優しく読者に奨励している。>>>SHIのコレクションにあるイラストレーター、Joanne Lew-Vriethoffの作品

Paper Planes

By Jim Helmore, Illustrated by Richard Jones ( Peachtree Publishing Company Inc. – 2020)

Mia and Ben are the very best friends, and they love making paper planes together. One day, maybe they will make a plane that can fly all away across the lake. But Ben moves far away, it seems that will never happen. With a little bit of hope, however, and a great big imagination, Mia learns her friendship with Ben isn’t over – no matter the distance between them.


Snow Doves

By Nancy Hartry, Illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard (Second Story Press – 2020 )

This is a picture book without text, but readers can hear a lot of words from vivid illustrations. A boy has just arrived in new country. The snow piled up outside his window is a mysterious and, frankly, chilly surprise! A girl, his new neighbor, does not speak his language, but that does not stop them from communicating as the girl helps the boy overcome his fears. The two new friends get bundled up against the cold, and the boy discovers the magic of playing outside on a snow day.


A Kid is a Kid is a Kid

By Sara O’Leary, Illustrated by Qin Leng ( Groundwood Books – 2021 )

“Being the new kid is hard,” a child in the school playground tells us. “I can think of better things to ask than if I’m a boy or a girl.” Another child is asked why she always has her nose in a book. Someone else is asked where they come from. One after another children share the questions they’re tired of hearing – as opposed to what they believe are the most important or interesting things about themselves! This book tells a triumphant story about children who are all different, all themselves, all just kids. >>> Sara O’Leary and Qin Leng’s another book in SHI collection : A Family is a Family is a Family.

「転校生は楽じゃない」校庭で一人の子が言った。「女の子か男の子と聞く以外他の質問が出来ないのかしら。」他の子は、どうしていつも本ばかり見ているのかと言われるし、また他の子はどこから来たのかばかリ尋ねられる。次々と子ども達が聞き飽きてげっそりしている質問を公表した。自分達にとって何が大事で何に関心があるのか尋ねることなく、何故同じ質問ばかりするのか。この絵本は子ども達は夫々異なり、自分自身の個性があり、そして子どもであることを、心から誇っていることを告げている。>>>同じ制作者達による、A Family is a Family is a FamilyがSHIのコレクションにあり。