Beautiful You, Beautiful Me

By Tasha Spillett-Summer, Illustrated by Slini Perera (Owlkids Books – 2022 )

Why does Izzy’s skin look different from her mama’s ? And why does hair Izzy’s have swirls and curls that jump out from her braids, while her mama’s hair is smooth and straight with a braid that hanging right down the middle of her back? “You are part of me, and I am part of you. I am beautiful like me, and you are beautiful like you.” A timeless story celebrating how beauty and belonging come in all shapes and sizes.


I am Okay to Feel

By Karamo Brown with Jason “Rachel” Brown, Illustrated by Diobelle Cerna ( Zando Young Readers – 2022 )

From Karamo Brown, American Television Host, and his son Jason Brown comes an empowering picture book that invites us to express – and embrace- our big feelings. This picture book celebrates full diversity of our emotions and provides gentle reassurance in thimes of stress and uncertinty. With expert-vetted back matter, this is a practical, loving framework for children and adults to talk about their emotions in a healthy way. >>>On the last pages, found “Resources and Activities”.

アメリカのテレビ・ホストであるKaramo Brown と彼の息子であるJason Brown によって、様々な感情を持ち表現することを励ましてくれる絵本が誕生した。この絵本は人間の持つ感情の豊かさを祝福し、ストレスや不安に襲われた時に解かりやく安心する術を提供してくれる。後付けに専門家による指導もあり、子どもにとっても大人にとっても実用的で愛情にあふれた構成で、健康的に感情について話し合いが出来る。>>>巻末に「資料と実用法」がある。

Bonnie’s Rocket

By Emeline Lee, Illustrated by Alina Chau (Lee & Low Books Inc. – 2022)

Inspired by the experiences of the author’s grandfather. Bonnie’s father is an engineer for the Apollo 11 mission. Bonnie is an engineer too, developing her own model rocket that she plans to launch high into the sky. While Baba works on the moon-landing module far away, Bonnie designs, builds, and tests her new project – with sometimes disastrous results! This book celebrates the diverse team that contributed to one of the United Sates’ greatest achievements. It’s also a heartwarming story about father and daughters, and a terrific gift for young space fans and future engineers. >>>On the last page, you can find the Author’s note and the instruction of how to built a rocket like Bonnie’s sky Voyager.


Our Story Starts in Africa

By Patrice Lawrence, Illustrated by Jeanetta Gonzales (Magic Cat Publishing – 2022 )

When Paloma visits her family in Trinidad, she doesn’t feel like like she fits in. But Paloma’s aunty, Tante Janet, has a story to tell her; an ancient story of Warrior Queens and talking drums, of treasures and tales that span thousands of years…Join Tante Janet and her inquisitive niece as they share the story of how her family came to the Caribbean, through the dark days of colonization and slavery, to the emergence of a thriving, contemporary Africa. >>>On the last pages, found the author’s note and Paloma’s Questions.

Palomaがトリニダード島の家族を訪ねた時、彼女はそこに属していない気がした。しかし叔母のTante Janetが話をしてくれた。例えば、アフリカの女性が支配していた国の古代の話をドラムの演奏で語り継いでいることや、宝石や物語が何千年にもわたって広め伝えられていたこと等、、、Tante Janetと好奇心旺盛な姪に加わって、アフリカから彼女たちの家族がカリブ諸国へ来て、植民政策や奴隷制度の暗い時代を乗り越えながらも、どのように本来のアフリカを維持し繁栄したかの物語に耳を傾けよう。>>>巻末に、イタリア人の父とトリニダード・トバゴ人の母をもち英国で生まれた著者の言葉と、絵本に登場するPalomaによる質問集がある。

Rock that Vote

By Meg Fleming, Illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins (Dial Books for young readers – 2022 )

Election Day has arrived and it’s time to vote for a new class pet! Will this class choose a hedgehog, lizard, hamster, or goat? They’re making their voices heard to ROCK THAT VOTE! Meg and Lucy have created an exuberant, interactive celebration of classroom election and power of voting, that also explores all the feelings that come along with the process.

選挙の日がやって来た。クラスのペットを選ぶ時だ!このクラスはハリネズミ、トカゲ、ハムスター、それともヤギを選ぶのかな?クラスメイト達は投票を呼び掛ける為に声を上げた。作者のMeg と イラストレーターのLucy は、クラス選挙が巻き起こす元気と対話と選挙の力を、さらには選挙運動中に起こる様々な感情も、上手にこの絵本で表現している。