When the Cousins came

By Katie Yamasaki ( Holiday House – 2018 )

When city kids Rosie and Takeo visit their cousin Lila in the country, they give her a cool hairdo like theirs and teach her how to skateboard and use chopsticks. Then Lila introduces her cousins to nighttime strolls and fireflies. This poignant story, with stunning art by an internationally know muralist and community artist, celebrates kinship in a multi-ethnic family.



Under My Hijab

By Hena Khan, Illustrated by Aaliya Jaleel  ( Lee & Low Books Inc. – 2019 )

Grandma’s hijab clasped under her chin. Auntie pins hers up with a whimsical brooch. Jenna puts sun hat over hers when she hikes. Iman wears a sports hijab for Taekwondo. As a young girl observes the women in her life and how each cover her hair a different way, she dreams of how she might express her personality through her hijab.>>>Hena Khan’s books in SHI collection.

祖母がヒジャブを被るときは、あごの下で留め金で止めている。叔母は風変わりなブローチでヒジャブを上にあげ、ハイキング中Jennaはヒジャブの上から日除けの帽子を被っているし、Imanはテコンドーをする時はスポーツ用のヒジャブを着用している。周囲の女性達を観察しながら、少女は、自分が将来ヒジャブでいかに自己表現をするのかを、ワクワクしながら夢見ている。>>>SHI コレクションにあるHana Khanの作品

A Piece of Home                   

By Jeri Watts, Illustrated by Hyewon Yum  ( Candlewick Press – 2016 )

When Hee Jun’s family moves from Korea to West Virginia, he struggles to adjust to his new home, where none of his classmates look like him and he can’t understand anything the teacher says. Little by little Hee Jun begins to learn English and make friends. One day, when he is invited to a friend’s house for the first time, he sees a flower he recognizes from his grandmother’s garden in Korea. He brings a shoot of the flower, Mugunghwa (“Rose of Sharon” in English), to his grandmother, who plants the “piece of home” in their new garden.

韓国からウェストバージニア州に家族と共に移ったHee Junは、新しい生活や学校に慣れるのに大変であった。それでも少しずつ新しい環境を受け入れていった。ある日、初めてクラスメイトに誘われて彼の家を訪ねた時、韓国の祖母の家に植えてあった花と同じ花を見つけた。そのムクゲ(大韓民国の国花)の花を祖母の為に一株もらい、祖母は米国の家の庭に”故郷の思い”を植え込んだ。

Ask Me

By Bernard Waber, Illustrated by Suzy Lee (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – 2015)

A father and daughter walk through their neighborhood, brimming with question-such as “What else?” and “How come?”- as they explore their world. With a tenderly written story and glorious illustrations, this book is the ultimate celebration of a child’ curiosity, and of a father and daughter’s deep and abiding love for each other.

父と娘が近所を散策しながら、矢継ぎ早に ”他には?” や ”どうして?” の質問を交わす。日常の一こまを素晴らしいイラストによって描いたこの絵本は、子どもの好奇心と、父と娘の強い愛の絆を、心から祝福している。

A Computer called Katherine

By Suzanne Slade, Illustrated by Veronica Miller Jamison (Little, Brown and Company – 2019)

Inspired the life story of mathematician Katherine Johnson. Katherine knew it was wrong that African American didn’t have the same rights as others. She knew it was wrong that people thought women could only be teachers or nurses. And she proved everyone wrong by zooming ahead of her classmate, starting college at fifteen, and eventually joining NASA, where here calculation helped pioneer American’s first manned flight into space, is first manned orbit of Earth, and the world’s first trip to the moon!