Raise your Hand

By Alice Paul Tapper, Illustrated by Marta Kissi  ( Penguin Workshop – 2019 )

Based on eleven-year-old Alice Paul Tapper’s own experience. This inspiring story shows how Alice took an idea and turned it into a national movement to give girls more confidence. After noticing that girls at school weren’t participating as much as boys, she put a plan into action and use her vice to encourage others to use theirs.

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11歳のAlice Paul Tapperの実体験を基にした絵本。アリスは、学校で女生徒の方が男生徒よりも手を上げないことに気ずいた。自分自身その理由を分析し、女生徒達が自信をもつ為のアイデアを他の女生徒達と話し合いながら、行動を起こした。その行動は全国に広がる運動となった。

The Story I’ll Tell

By Nancy Tupper Ling, Illustrated by Jessica Lanan  ( Lee & Low Books Inc. – 2015 )

A mother weaves a magical web of tales to explain how her child came to be a part of the family. Mother’s tenderness and sweet love is greater than anything else universally, even beyond cultural differences of an adapted child from the new mother’s culture that she grew up with.



A Boy like You

By Frank Murphy, Illustrated by Kayla Harren  ( Sleeping Bear Press – 2019 )

This picture book encourages every boy to embrace all the things that make him unique, to follow his dreams, to be brave and ask for help, to tell his own story and listen to the stories of those around him. In an age when boys are expected to fit into a particular mold, this book celebrates all the wonderful ways to be a boy.>>> Frank Murphy’s books in SHI Collection.

この絵本は総ての少年に多くの励ましを与えている。例えば、自分自身を大事にすること、夢を追うこと、助けを求める勇気を持つこと、自分の話を語り周囲の人達の話に耳を傾けること。歳と共に成長していく少年を、そして少年であることの素晴らしさを大いに祝福している。古い男性への固定観念を壊し、もっと自由に自分らしく生きることを少年たちに励ましている。>>>SHIのコレクションにある Frank Murphyの作品

Mommy’s Khimar

By Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow, Illustrated by Ebony Glenn  ( Simon & Schuster – 2018 )

A young girl plays dress-up with her mother’s head scarves, feeling her mother’s love with each one she tries on. Charming and vibrant illustrations showcase the beauty of a diverse and welcoming community in this portrait of young Muslim American girl’s life.



Chelsea’s Chinese New Year

By Lisa Bullard, Illustrated by Katie Saunders  ( Millbrook Press – 2012 )

Chelsea’s family is celebrating Chinese New Year. She and her family have a big feast. Find out the different ways people celebrate this special day!>>> One of the collection of Cloverleaf Books-Holidays and Special days.


Chelseaと家族にとって、中国の旧正月は大事な行であり盛大な祝いである。この特別な日をどのように祝うのか説明をしている。>>>これはCloverleaf Books-Holidays and Special daysコレクションの中の一作品。

God’s Dream

By Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Douglas Carlton Abrams, Illustrated LeUyen Pham (Candlewick Press – 2008)

This book is a lovely introduction to Archbishop Tutu’s unique message of forgiveness and empathy and a beckoning pathway toward joy that even very young readers will delight in following. With warm and beautiful collaboration between authors and illustrator, the message will be able to reach to all children on the earth. >>>Archbishop Desmond Tutu was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his lifelong struggle to bring equality, justice and peace to his native country of South Africa. The same two authors also wrote: Desmond and the very mean word


この絵本は、ツツ元大主教からのメッセージである、許しと共感と真の喜びを得るための方法を、若い読者にも解かり易く楽しく紹介している。心温まる美しい作品は、制作者達の熱意の賜物であり、世界中の子ども達に貴重なメッセージを届けてくれる。>>>ツツ元大主教は、祖国南アフリカの公平で平等で平和な社会実現の功績が認められ、1984年にノーベル平和賞を受賞。この絵本と同じ2人の作者でDesmond and the very mean wordもある。