By Susan Lendroth, Illustrated by Priscilla Burris (G.P. Putnam’s Sons – 2018)

The festival of traditional Japanese arts is coming up, and little Natsumi’s big personality is too much for her family’s quieter traditions, until her grandfather introduces her to taiko drumming. Natsumi performs taiko beating on the stage of the festival! Even Natsumi is the smallest on the stage, she will be the loudest drummer one day.



Can you say Peace?              

By Karen Katz (Henry Holt and Company, LLC – 2006)

On International Day of Peace, and every day throughout the year, children all over the world wish for Peace. 11 Children say Peace in their own language and on the last page show more way to say Peace. >>>The United Nations has declared September 21 ” International Day of Peace”


Peace is an Offering                

By Annette LeBox, Illustrated by Stephanie Graegin (Dial Books for Young Readers – 2015)

Follow these neighborhood children as they find love in everyday things – in sunlight shining through leaves and cookies shared with friends – and learn that peace is all around if you just look for it. Illustrations and simple, rhyming text show different way that peace can be found, made and shared.


Here we are : Notes for living on Planet Earth    

By Oliver Jeffers ( Philomel Books – 2017 ) 

This book was written by a father (the author) to his 2 months old son as welcoming to this planet and giving notes how to enjoy his wonderful life-journey on our Earth.


Water in the Park : a book about water & the times of the day

By Emily Jenkins, Illustrated by Stephanie Graegin (Schwartz & Wade books – 2013)

Describing the Park’s water is used differently by all the inhabitants of the neighborhood, human and animal in Prospect Park, in Brooklyn, New York, from early morning until evening on very hot summer day. >>> The author’s Note: This book is an homage to two classic picture books, “White Snow, Bright Snow” in 1947 and “The Park Book” in 1944.


ニューヨーク市ブルックリンにある公園の水を住民達や動物達が様々な使い方をしている様子を、夏の暑い一日を通して語っている。>>>この絵本は、作者から2冊の古典絵本(1947年の “White Snow, Bright Snow” と1944年の “The Park Book” )への敬意を表して制作された。

The little bit SCARY people

By Emily Jenkins, Illustrated by Alexandra Boiger (Hyperion Books for Children – 2008)

A girl sees some people who are just a little bit scary on the road and in her school. But she imagines their positive side; what they like for breakfast, how they treat their pets, and how they sing along to show turns. Even her family members are sometimes scary. Scary people are not always scary.>>> This is a good book to discuss about scariness with children.