About Human Interconnection Corner (HIC)

What is human interconnection? It is the reality of how one’s behaviors, actions, even thoughts have a ripple effect on others. We live in a world where we are technologically connected. But have we improved on truly feeling heard, understood, accepted, and loved by our world, community, family, and even with oneself? Have we expanded our capacity to accept similarities and differences and agree to disagree at times? What’s happening in our inner world projects outward into our world and has the potential to influence, inspire, and to elevate others. Human interconnection is a powerful reality that deepens our inner peace and therefore projects compassion for others.

SHI collection includes children’s picture books that specifically focus on elevating the interconnectedness of humans. Of all genres of books, why children’s picture books? This is because children’s picture books are written simple yet contain fundamentally powerful messages and lessons that all ages can relate to. Especially adults have the tendency to get overwhelmed with the complexity of life. Children’s picture books become a humbling reminder that helps us celebrate what makes us human and how interconnected we all are. The wonderful illustrations capture real faces and experiences of family, friends, community, diverse people and cultures, as well as dealing with human issues, all to help cultivate ourselves and to become more compassionate towards one another. As we reflect and learn more about ourselves and how we are all connected, it helps attain inner happiness. Inner happiness that comes from knowing that we all play our individual part yet we stand as one, as emphasized with Inner-Happiness Vitamins.

We recommend setting up your own Human Interconnection Corner (HIC) by selecting at least 10 children’s picture books from the SHI collection. You can visit the categories of children’s picture books to make your selection. Then create a nice comfortable corner for people to enjoy these books such as at home, office, cafĂ©, lobby, or any location that allows a book shelf that could hold at least 10 books.

Enjoy making human connections!