The Birthday Tree

By Paul Fleischman, Illustrated by Barry Root (Candlewick Press – 2008)

When baby Jack arrives, his parents plant an apple seeding to honor his birth. As Jack grows taller, so does the tree. When Jack is happy, the tree limbs stand straight and proud. When Jack is cold, the leaves tremble on their stems. But one day Jack’s parents awake to find Jack’s bed empty. When they see a gull perched atop the tree, they guess the truth: Their Jack has gone to sea. The book tells the story of a boys’ powerful connection to his family despite distance, and add new meaning to the old custom of planting a birthday tree.


Rainbow Stew

By Cathryn Falwell (Lee & Low Books Inc. – 2013 )

It’s a rainy summer day, but vegetables in Grandpa’s garden are just waiting to be picked. Yellow peppers, purple cabbage, red tomatoes, green zucchini, orange carrots, and more. So many colors! So many delicious ingredients to slice, chop, peel, and dice for a great big pot of mouthwatering Rainbow Stew.>>>The recipe of Rainbow Stew is at the end.


Common Threads : Adam’s Day at the Market

By Huda Essa, Illustrated by Mercè Tous (Sleeping Bear Press – 2019)

Adam and his parents spend an exciting day at the colorful and bustling market. But when a blue jay catches his eye, Adam can’t help but follow it. And then, he is lost in a sea of many people. Luckily in his sea of diversity, Adam is not alone. For every adult he meets is helping to get him back to his parents. Bright, colorful artwork and spare text open young reader’s eyes to the many ways we are all connected- from clothing to our communities.



By Carson Ellis (Candlewick Press – 2015)

Home might be a house in the country. Or an apartment in the city. Or even a shoe. As presenting many different home with different person/creature, the book asks where is your home? Readers will bless own home after watching heartfelt illustrations of home variation.