I love you like Crazy Cakes

By Rose Lewis, Illustrated by Jane Dyer ( Little, Brown and Company -2000)

Based on the author’s own experience, this heartfelt story follows a woman on her journey to adopt a baby girl from China. From paperwork to plane flight, the narrative chronicles the baby’s trip from a crib in a big room shared with many other babies to her own crib in her own room in her new home.



Baya, Baya, Lulla-by-a

By Megan McDonald, Illustrated by Vera Rosenberry (A Richard Jackson Book – 2003)

The baya bird of India weaves its nest of grasses and flowers. In this dramatic yet lulling lullaby of a book, such a bird also save a baby girl’s life. Melodious words and artful pictures interwire to cast a spell, as luminous as the nest the baya bird builds and encrusts with fireflies, as powerful as the love one Indian mother feels for her little girl. >>> Glossary of Hindi words and note about baya bird found on the last page.



Daddy, will you miss me?

By Wendy McCormick, Illustrated by Jennifer Eachus                                                             (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers – 1999 )

To a child waiting for his father to return from an African Trip, four weeks can seem like forever. To help ease the pain of separation, a father and son create rituals for each passing day. Heartwarming story of the love between father and son.