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We present wonderful children’s picture books online. Hope you enjoy the stories and their illustrations. If you like to know more about the related resources from our collection, just click on the blue highlighted names.

Key Words: Reading > School > Book > Teacher > Autobiography

Read by Jane Kaczmarek

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  • Enemy Pie By Derek Munson, lustrated by Tara Calahan King

Key Words: New Neighbor > Prejudice > Friendship > Making a Pie > Father’s Wisdom

Read by Camryn Manheim

Key Words: Lonely > Pleasant Surprise > Valentine > Community > Love

Read by Hector Elizondo

Related Resource with Eileen Spinelli

Key Words: Hula-Hoop > Competition > Birthday Party > Inter-Generation > Community

Read by Oprah Winfrey

Related Resource with Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Key Words: Sandwich > Ingredients > Teasing > Curiosity > Different

Read by Allison Janney

Key Words: Kingdom > Future Emperor > Flowers > Leadership > Honesty

Read by Rami Malek

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Key Words: Witch > Pasta Pot > Hero > Magic Words > Wish

Read by Mary Steenburgen

Related Resource wih Tomie dePaola

Key Words: Boy’s Name > Native American > Grandfather > Horse > Strength to Live

Read by Bonnie Bartlett & William Daniels


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