Extra Yarn

By Mac Barnett, Illustrated by Jon Klassen                (Balzer+Bray,An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers – New York, NY in 2012)

Annabelle lives in a cold black-white colored small town. One day, she finds a box filled with beautiful colored yarn. She makes herself a sweater, but after finishing she finds extra yarn left over. She starts to knit clothing for everyone around her with endless and colorful yarn. Annabelle’s magical story spreads around the world.



Seaside Dream

By Janet Costa Bates, Illustrated by Lambert Davis (Lee & Low Books Inc. – New York, NY in 2010)

Tomorrow is Cora’s grandma’s birthday to cerebrate with many family members. Her grandma will be 70 years old. Cora cannot find any gift yet for her, but she knows well grandma misses her home country, Cape Verde, the island country in Westside of African Continent despite immigrated to America 40 years ago. After spending time on the beach with grandma, Cora gets an idea of birthday gift to make grandma be pleased.


アフリカ大陸の西沖合いに位置する諸島国 Cape Verde (カーボベルデ共和国)から米国に移民した祖母の70歳の誕生日に、家族が集った。40年経っても祖国を忘れない祖母と、その祖母を思いやる孫娘との心暖まる会話が、キラキラ輝いている絵本。著者自身の祖母への愛情があふれ出ている。ニューボイス賞を受賞した作品でもあり、家族の絆の暖かさを再認識させてくれる。

Butterflies on Carmen Street

By Monica Brown, Illustrated by April Ward (Pinata Books – Houston, Texas in 2007)

Julianita excitedly tells her grandfather on the way to school in the morning, that she will have a class to learn about monarch butterflies. Julianita knows grandfather remembers seeing the monarch butterflies in his village in the highlands of Mexico as he shared incredible story of the monarch to fly from Mexico to Canada over generations.  >>> On the left side of each page Witten in English (upper part) and in Spanish(bottom part), and on the right side beautiful illustrations to enjoy.



Lucky Beans

By Becky Birtha, Illustrated by Nicole Tadgell  (Albert Whitman & Company – Merton Grove, Illinois in 2010)

During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, Marshall eats beans for every single supper without any other choice. One day, Marshall finds the contest posted in the store window. It’s a guessing contest to get the closest number of counting beans in the jar displayed in the window, and the prize is a brand new sewing machine which Marshall’s mother definitely needs.  Based on the memories of Becky Birtha’s grandmother.



The Soccer Fence: A story of Friendship and Apartheid in South Africa

By Phil Bildner, Illustrated by Jesse Joshua Watson (G.P. Putnam’s Sons – New York, NY in 2014)

Inspired story by the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.  After Apartheid ended in South Africa, a young boy learns that the change takes time in the history of friendship and of nation healing.



Papa’s Mark

By Gwendolyn Battle-Lavert, Illustrated by Colin Bootman (Holiday House, Inc. – New York, NY in 2003)

Simms helps his Papa, Samuel, to learn to read and write his own name.  Despite the freedom from slave and having the right to vote after the Civil War, many black men are left in the behind of literacy ability. After several practices with Papa Samuel, Simms is very proud of his Papa when Samuel has the first opportunity to vote at the election.