Inner-Happiness Vitamins

Multicultural Resources provide us “Inner-Happiness Vitamins” !


Inner-Happiness Vitamins by Nobuko Takahashi Moore (N.T.M.)
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Nobuko T. Moore friendly recommends taking your Inner-Happiness Vitamin A ~ E everyday!

** Inner-Happiness Vitamin  A   for Appreciation
Have you given thanks to what you already have?
** Inner-Happiness Vitamin  B   for Building
Have you improved yourself and others in any way?
** Inner-Happiness Vitamin  C   for Compassion
Have you shown kindness to self and others?
** Inner-Happiness Vitamin  D   for Diligence
Have you practiced patience toward accomplishing your goals?
** Inner-Happiness Vitamin  E   for Engagement
Have you paid attention to the present moment without distractions?
Have a great day!!!