Grace Lin

< Author and Illustrator of Children’s Picture Book >

Please meet Grace Lin : Author and Illustrator of “Lissy’s Friends” “Fortune Cookie Fortunes” and Illustrator of  ” Red is a Dragon : A Book of Colors

She willingly introduces Chinese/Oriental Culture to young children based on her Taiwanese cultural background. She also writes some  books; new one introduced on the photo below-left, and her new children’s picture book will be published in Summer 2018 !   Please visit

IMG_4844          IMG_4840     Photos by N.T.M.@ Vegas Valley Book Festival, on Oct. 21, 2017

グレース リンは、台湾文化背景を基に、中国や東洋文化を、熱心に子ども達に紹介しています。本も書いていて、最新の著書を写真上左にて紹介してくれています。次回の児童絵本は、2018年夏に発行されるそうで、楽しみです。

Matt de la Peña

< Author of Children’s Picture Books >

Please meet Matt de la Peña : Author of “Last Stop on Market Street ,  “Love” “Milo : Imagines the world“.                        

He is a father of 3.5 years old child, and has Mexican cultural background.  He published young adults’ novels as well. His new children’s picture book just arrived as showing us on the photo below-left.  Please visit

 IMG_4822     IMG_4833      Photos by N.T.M.@ Vegas Valley Book Festival, on Oct. 21, 2017

マット デラ ぺナ は、メキシコ文化背景があり、3歳半のお子さんがいます。児童絵本のみならず、若者向けの本も出版しています。受賞作品でもあるLast Stop on Market Street の後の最新絵本が出版されて、上左の写真で紹介してくれています。

Willow and the Snow Day Dance

By Denise Brennan-Nelson, Illustrated by Cyd Moore (Sleeping Bear Press-2011)

When Willow’s family moves to a new home, Willow makes friends with all of the neighbors, even unsmiling Mr. Larch, through her letters inviting each to be as generous as she is.



You were loved before you were born

By Lana Button and Karen Barbour (Scholastic Inc. – 2008)

Filled with sunshine and brimming with love, this picture book tells a simple story that celebrates the arrival of the greatest joy in ther world: a precious child.



There was an Old Woman who lived in a Shoe

By Jane Cabrera (Holiday House – 2016)

The varietion of the nursery rhymes features a chaotic household of children and pets who live in a sho, and the old woman knows how to repair broken furniture, remake work clothing, and reuse and recycle. The author and illustrator, Jane Cabrera wants to this picture book to be a celebration of Mothers.



Willow Finds a Way

By Lana Button, Illustrated by Tania Howells (Kids Can Press – 2013)

Willow wants to go to Kristabelle’s fantastic birthday party. So even though she’d rather not, Willow sits at Kristabelle’s table for snack, claps for her tricks on the climber, and wears pink, Kristabelle’s favorite color. But when her bossy classmate un-invites some children from her party, Willow finds away-a quiet but sure Willow way- to say “NO”.



Sometimes It’s Grandmas and Grandpas, not Mommies and Daddies

By Gayle Byrne, Illustrated by Mary Haverfield  ( Addbeville Kids – 2009 )

Spend the day with a delightfully special young girl as she shares the loving, affectionate experience of living with and being raised by her grandparents. Poignant moments expressing the child’s curiosity and questions give way to comforting and playful exchanges at home with her grandparents. >>> The information of GRANDFAMILIES is on the last page.



Miss Rumphius

By Barbara Cooney  ( Viking – 1982 )

Great Aunt Alice Rumphius was once a little girl who loved to listen her grandfather’s stories of faraway places. He lived near sea and he was an artist. Grew up Alice never forgot 3 wishes in her life which she promised with her grandfather, and she visited several faraway places and lived by the sea. Finally she found to do something to make the world more beautiful. That was the last wish and it became with LUPINUES flower seeds.




The Jar of Happiness

By Ailsa Burrows (Child’s Play Inc.-2015)

Little girl named Meg invents her own kind of happiness. And she loves to share her happiness with others who need. But one day Meg cannot find her jar of happiness. Meg feels very sad, but she find other ways to be happy.



My Parents are divorced, My elbows have Nicknames, and other facts about Me

By Bill Cochran, Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman (Harper Collins Publishers-2009)

Ted’s parents are divorced, but that’s just one fact about him. As shown in his lighthearted yet heartfelt account, life with divorced parents isn’t always easy, but above all Ted knows he’s loved – and there’s nothing weird about that at all.