The Physician

Directed by Philipp Stölzl (2013)    German Film

Based on Noah Gordon’s best selling novel “The Physician”. Nine years old English boy Rob in mining town lost his mother by mysterious illness, and he decides to learn about medical treatment. Spending 2 years to travel to Persia, grew-up Rob becomes a student of Ibn Sina/Avicenna (980~1037) who is the most significant thinker and writer in 11th century Arabic world, and Rob willingly learns about medical technique.

アメリカ人元医療ジャーナリスであるNoah Gordon(ノア・ゴードン)原作の小説をドイツ人監督が映画化したドイツ映画。舞台は11世紀の英国で母の病死から弧児となった9歳のロブ少年が、死を身近にしたことから医療への情念に目覚め、医療の近代知識が学べれるペルシャへ2年の歳月をかけて旅立った。キリスト教徒では危険が伴う為に、少年はユダヤ教徒になりすましてイスファハーンのイブン・スィーナー(哲学、医学、科学に長けたペルシャを代表する知識人)の弟子となり波乱万丈の体験をしながら勉学に励んだ。史実を絡ませながらの壮大なる医学の歴史映画ではあるが、異なる宗教に固守する人間集団と“人間と言う共通の人体の真実”を探ろうとする対比が興味深く描かれている。なお原作小説の邦題は「千年医師物語」で三部から構成されており、この映画化されたのは第一部のみで小説邦題は[ペルシアの彼方へ](角川書店)。

Look at You! : A baby body book

By Kathy Henderson, Illustrated by Paul Howard (Candlewick Press – 2006) Amazing development of many kinds abilities on the early stage of children as showing racial diversity babies with rhythmical words.



By Day, By Night

By Amy Gibson, Illustrated by Meilo So                                                                      (Boyds Mills Press on Imprinted of Highlights – 2014)                                           Following to daily lives of children in the different place on the earth. Comparing their differences, and still being able to learn harmonized joy each other.



The first drawing

By Mordicai Gerstein (Little, Brown and Company – 2013)                                             30 thousand years old cave painting was discovered in 1994 South France and footprints of eight years child were near by. This news inspired the author to tell imaginable story of a boy who successfully communicate with others by drawing images on the cave.