In the Leaves

By Huy Voun Lee (Henry Holt and Company – 2005)

One beautiful autumn day, Xiao Ming and his friends take a trip to a farm. Xiao Ming can’t wait to show his friends the new Chinese characters he has learned, and his friends are just as excited to see them >>>The author was born in Phnom Penn, Cambodia and moved to the United Sates in 1975, and she has illustrated 3 other books about Chinese characters.


美しい秋の日に農場に出かけた時に、Xiao Mingは、新しく覚えた漢字を友達に教えたかった。そして彼の友達も、漢字を大いに楽しんだ。>>>作者はカンボジアのプノンペン生まれで、1975年に米国に移民した。彼女は他に3冊の漢字に関する本のイラストを担当している。

Fortune Cookie Fortunes

By Grace Lin  ( Alfred A. Knopf – 2004 )

After a young Chinese American girl opens fortune cookies with her family, she notices that the fortunes seem to come true.  Includes brief notes on the history of the fortune cookie. >>>Grace Lin is also the author/illustrator of Lissy’s Friends. Please meet Grace Lin in here. 


フォーチュンクッキー(中国系レストランで食後サービスされる、占い言葉が書かれた紙が入っている菓子)を、家族と一緒に食後あけた中国系アメリカ人の少女が、占い言葉が現実となることに気ずいた。巻末にフォーチュンクッキーの解説がある。>>>Lissy’s Friends も同じ作者であり、こちらのページで作者を紹介。

Skin Again

By Bell Hooks, Illustrated by Chris Raschka (Disney – 2004)

“The skin I’m in is just a covering. It cannot tell my story.” and then show us how to know each other. With powerful texts and dynamic illustrations, blessing to be a human being. >>> Chris Raschka is also the author/illustrator of Yo!Yes?, Ring!Yo?.


「肌はただ身体をカバーしているだけで、私自身のことは何も語っていない」との言葉で、いかにお互いが知り合うかを示してくれる。力強い言葉と、ダイナミックなイラストで、人間としての喜びを伝えてくれる。>>>イラストレーターのChris Raschka の他の作品は、Yo!Yes?Ring!Yo? もある。

Willy & Max: A Holocaust Story

By Amy Littlesugar, Illustrated by William Low (Philomel Books – 2006)

In Antwerp, Belgium, Willy’s papa put a painting in his shop window. A man came with a young boy and he bought the painting named The Lady. The young boy named Max met Willy, and they were happy to have found each other. But Max lived in the Jewish quarter-in a very dangerous time for the Jews. Willy and Max promised friends forever even through the Nazis came to the town. The two boys separated by circumstance, but held together through generations by one simple painting-and unbreakable spirit of their extraordinary friendship.


ベルギーのアントワープで、Willyの父親は店の窓に絵画を展示した。その絵The Ladyを買いに父親とやって来た少年Maxは、Willyに会うと直ぐに大変仲良くなった。しかしMaxはユダヤ人居住区に住んでいて、当時はユダヤ人が災難にあっている時代であった。やがて彼等の町にナチスがやって来たが、二人の少年達は永遠の友情を誓い合った。その後離れ離れとなった二人だが、世代を経てもつなぎあった絵画と二人の変わらぬ友情のお陰で、二人の絆は生きていた。

A Taste of Freedom: Gandhi and the Great Salt March

By Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, Illustrated by Giuliano Ferri (Bloomsbury – 2014)

An old man in India recalls how, when he was a young boy, he got his first taste of freedom as he and his brother joined the great Mahatma Gandhi on a march to the sea to make salt in defiance of British law. The Great Salt March in 1930 was the first step for long journey until the official independence of India on August 15, 1947. At the end of book, included “Afterword” about historical information of Gandhi and his freedom movement.



We Shall Overcome: The Story of a Song

By Debbie Levy, Illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton  ( Disney – 2013 )

From the song’s roots in America’s are of slavery through the civil rights movements of the 1960s to today, “We Shall Overcome” has come to represent the fight for equality and freedom around the world. This picture book pays tribute to the heroic spirit of the famous song.




By Dori Kleber, Illustrated by G. Brain Karas (Candlewick Press – 2016)

Joey loves things that fold: maps, beds, accordions….When a classmate’s mother turns a plain piece of paper into a beautiful origami crane, his eyes pop. Maybe he can learn origami, too. If he wants to be an origami master, he needs practice and patience. After his practice and patience as folding many napkins of his neighborhood Mexican Restaurants and repeating so many times, finally he can fold a crane!