Latkes, Latkes Good to Eat : A Chanukah Story

By Naomi Howland ( Clarion Books – 1999 )

Sadie and her four mischievous younger brothers live in a small drafty cottage on the outskirts of tiny Russian village. They are very poor and always hungry. But on the first wintry night of Chanukah, Sadie is given a frying pan that cooks up sizzling-hot, delicious potato pancakes on command. When Sadie goes out on the last day of Chanukah, she warns her brothers not to touch the magic pan. But the minute she sets foot outside the door…>>> Sadie’s Latkes (recipe) and a Note about Chanukah are found on the last page.

Sadie とやんちゃな四人の弟は、ロシアの小さな村はずれにある隙間風の入る小屋に住んでいた。彼らは貧しく、いつも空腹であった。ところがハヌカ最初の寒い日に、Sadieは特別なフライパンをもらった。それは熱々の美味しいポテトのパンケーキが、命令をすると勝手に作られるフライパンであった。ハヌカの最後の日に、外出をするので、弟達にフライパンを触らないように忠告をしたが、彼女が家から出るや否や、、、>>>伝統的なポテト・パンケーキの作り方と、ハヌカの説明が巻末にある。

Kiyoshi’s Walk

By Mark Karlins, Illustrated by Nicole Wong ( Lee & Low Books inc. – 2021 )

As Kiyosh watches his grandfather compose a delicate haiku, he wonders out loud: “Where do poems come from?” His grandfather answers by taking him on a walk through their city, where what they see, hear, imagine, and feel inspires new poems at every step. As Kiyoshi discovers that poetry emerges from the way the world outside us meets the world within each of us, he also finds the courage to write a hakiku of his own. >>> On the last page, the author explains about Haiku (originated in Japan)in English.


The Karate kid

(Based on the film) Written by Robert Mark Kamen, Directed by John G. Avildsen, Illustrated by Kim Smith ( Quirk Books – 2019 )

When young Daniel is targeted by bullies, his neighbor Mr. Miyagi agrees to train him for the upcoming karate tournament. But why is Mr. Miyagi making Daniel wax his cars, sand his deck, and paint his house? Actually Daniel had been learning karate moves-and getting stronger everyday! >>>The classic movie is now an illustrated storybook for the whole family.


First Grade, Here I Come!

By Tony Johnston, Illustrated by David Walker (Scholastic Press – 2015)

A boy, who will be a brand-new first-grader, imagines his new school life, and he thinks he need five friends to play good games, to decorate their class room, to make a music band etc. But he recognizes that he would rather be good friends with everyone. This book will be perfect for brand-new first-graders as they take their next big step back to school.


My America

By Karen Katz ( Henry Holt and company – 2020 )

Children come to live in America from many different counties. And for many different reasons. In this beautiful celebration of immigration, children from around the world tell their stories, sharing their love of where they’re from and where they live now. As they describe the foods they eat, the languages they’ve learned, the sports they play, and more, the differences and similarities that link us all are revealed. >>> Karen Katz’s books in SHI collection.

アメリカに住む子ども達は、異なる国から、様々な理由によってやって来た。移民達を祝福しているこの美しい絵本は、世界中からやって来た子ども達が、自分の以前いた国と新しい国への思いを込めて語っている。子ども達はそれぞれに食べ物を語り、学んだ言葉を語り、好むスポーツ等を語り、異なる点と共通点を、読者達に伝えてくれる。>>>SHIコレクションにあるKaren Katzの作品

Tattered Sails

By Verla Kay, Illustrated by Dan Andreasen ( G. P Putnam’s sons-2001 )

Thomas, Edward, Mary Jane, and their parents leave crowded, dirty London behind for good. Groan with them through the long, miserable trip and cheer their first wobbly steps in the New World. This book let children of today experience the difficulties of ocean voyages of the 1600s, and transport them to a momentous period in America’s past.

Thomas, Edward, Mary Janeは両親と共に、混みあい汚れたロンドンを後にした。長い過酷な航海を経て、新世界におぼつかない一歩を踏み出した。この絵本は、現代の子ども達に、16世紀の海洋航海の過酷さを語り、アメリカの歴史の忘れられない時代に導いてくれる。

Brown : The many shades of love

By Nancy Johnson James, Illustrated by Constance Moore ( Cameron Kids – 2020 )

Mama’s brown is chocolate-clear, dark, and sweet. Daddy’s brown is autumn leaf or like a field of wheat. Granny’s brown is like honey, and Papa’s like caramel. In this loving and lovely ode to the color brown, a boy describes the many beautiful hues of his family, including his own- gingerbread.


My Grandma and me

By Mina Javaherbin, Illustrated by Lindsey Yankey ( Candlewick Press – 2019 )

“When I was growing up in Iran, my grandma lived with us, I followed her everywhere.” Her grandmother’s friendship with her friend, Annette’s grandmother is beyond their difference faith. With following the memories of her beloved grandmother, this book is to celebrate all grandmothers as telling how they are kind, generous, and full of love.