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Hi everyone!

Have you taken Inner-Happiness Vitamins today?                                              Especially in these days, everyone needs to take special Vitamins!  Agree?                  IH Vitamins A is for Appreciation.                                                                                    IH Vitamins B is for Building.                                                                                            IH Vitamins C is for Compassion.                                                                                    IH Vitamins D is for Diligence.                                                                                          IH Vitamins E is for Engagement.                                                                                    Or you can create your own Inner-Happiness Vitamins!!!

To strengthen your Inner-Happiness Vitamins,  our new page is added for you.            As presenting not only the books of multicultural-resources, but in wide range, and with real voices and videos, you will feel more personal connection to these story-readers.  Listen and Enjoy ~ Reading Time.   ( Click the button of Meet Friends on the top bar.)

Be safe and strong, and let’s show our human-resilience to our younger generation.

~ School House International~

Note: On our Website some images of Children’s Picture Book are incorrectly appearing now. Sorry for your inconvenient until complete fixing.>>>Fixing Done on May 1, 2020.