Marwan’s Journey     

By Patricia de Arias, Illustrated by Laura Borras (minedition – 2018)

Marwan is a young boy on a journey he never intended to take, bound for a place he doesn’t know. His journey relies on courage and memories of his faraway homeland to buoy him up. With him are hundreds and thousands of other human beings, crossing the deserts and seas, fleeing war and hunger in search of safety. This beautiful, heartfelt story gives a human faces to the plight of refugees all over the world. Marwan’s journey is everyone’s journey.



The Class     

By Boni Ashburn, Illustrated by Kimberly Gee (Beach Lane Books – 2016)

Twenty young students, some eager, some nervous, some grumpy, prepare for their very first day of kindergarten. The special morning, as showing racial diversity of them, as well as diversity of fashion and difference of daily habits, captures their happy smiles in the new class room.



I like, I don’t like

By Anna Baccelliere, Illustrated by Ale + Ale                      (Eerdmans Books for Young Readers – 2017)

Every child has the right to play – but in some parts of the world, children spend more time working than playing. This thought-provoking book, as comparing the same item, captures how different the world can look from the eyes of those less privileged.



Henry wants MORE!

By Linda Ashman, Illustrated by Brooke Boynton Hughes (Random House-2016)   

Henry lives with his biracial parents, Grandma, Lucy and Charlie. Whether spending time with Papa, singing songs with Grandma, playing games with Lucy, or racing with Charlie, toddler Henry wears his family out until his bedtime. And when the bedtime comes, it’s his Mama who wants more giving love to him.



A Stone for Sascha

By Aaron Becker (Candlewick Press -2018)

This year’s summer vacation will be very different for a young girl and her family without Sascha, the beloved family dog, along for the ride. A wistful walk along the beach to gather cool polished stones becomes a brilliant turning point in the girl’s grief. This is an achingly beautiful wordless epic, and the author-illustrator wants to encourage readers to travel with timeless imagination of a polished stone. This is a real picture book without any text.



Nile Crossing

By Katy Beebe, Illustrated by Sally Wern Comport                                                               (Eerdmans Books for Young Readers -2017)

Khepri lives in ancient Egypt, happily fishing alongside his father in the water of the Nile. But today Khepri is replacing his fishing pole with the reed pens of a scribe – a change he’s a bit uneasy about. As he and his father travel to Thebes, Khepri must face his anxieties about starting school.>>> On the last pages, found explanation about “Writing and School in Ancient Egypt” and Glossary.



Malaika’s Winter Carnival

By Nadia L. Hohn, Illustrated by Irene Luxbacher (Groundwood Books -2017)

Malaika is happy to be with Mummy again, but she needs to move to a different country, Canada, with Mummy. Being part of a new family consisted with her own mother and new father and new sister, means a big challenge for Malaika and misses a lot of her Caribbean Grandma and her Caribbean daily life. It’s a wonderful story how to establish Malaika’s new life in the strange country.




By Corrinne Averiss, Illustrated by Isabelle Follath (Qualto Publishing plc -2018)

Fern’s Nanna has not being herself of late, and Fern’s Mom remarks that all the joy seems to have gone out of Nanna’s life. Fern decides to go on a joy haunt wit her catching-kit and finds joy in all sorts of unusual places. But she cannot bring it back to her Nanna, and makes Fern so sad. However Fern finds a real JOY! >>>Corrinne Averiss’s books in SHI collection.

Fernの祖母は最近元気がなかった。人生の喜びを見つけれなくなったようだとの母親の言葉を聞いて、Fernは喜びを捕まえる道具を用意し、祖母の為に喜びを取りにあちらこちらへ出かけた。しかし祖母の為に持ち帰ることが出来ず、Fernは大変に落ちこんでしまったが、結果として本物の喜びを確保できた。>>>SHIコレクションにあるCorrinne Averissの作品