E.T. : The Extra-Terrestrial

The film written by Melissa Mathison, The film directed by Steven Spielberg, The book illustrated by Kim Smith (Quirk Books – 2017)

Ten-years-old Elliott was looking for a friend. He found one from outer space! The well-known and beloved classic movie is now an illustrated storybook for the whole family-complete with flying bicycles, snooping scientists, and friendship that will warm your heart.


Next Stop!

By Sarah Ellis, Illustrated by Ruth Ohi (Fitzhenry & Whiteside – 2000)

On Saturday, Claire rides the bus and sits right up front so she can help the driver. She announces the various stops on the route so everyone can get the their destinations. Before log, a very special passenger joins Claire and the driver for the final leg of the happy bus ride home. The bus driver is Claire’s father. Simple and repetitive text is easy to follow for young readers, and portrayals of the frenzied bus passengers captures a city on the move in this fun tale.


Seven Special Somethings : A Nowruz Story

By Adib Khorram, Illustrated by Zainab Faidhi (Dial Books for Young Readers – 2021)

Nowruz (means “new day” in Farsi/Persian language, and around March 21 Persian people celebrate it) is finally here! Kian can’t wait to celebrate with his family. He’s got plans to make it the happiest Persian New Year yet. But when a little bit of mischief ruins the family’s carefully arranged haft-seen, Kian has to find a way to fill the table back up again. The haft-seen had seven symbols, all starting with S to bring the family a new year full of joy. Can Kian find seven new S’s for Nowruz? It’s a lovely family story.


Yes, I can LISTEN!

By Steve Metzger, Illustrated by Susan Szecsi (Parenting Press – 2019)

In a world filled with distractions, being a good listener has become more important than ever! This essential life skill helps children achieve success at school, follow safety rules, and show others that they care. The playful rhymes in “Yes, I can listen!” encourage children to appreciate the rewards of attentive listening in a wide range of familiar situations. >>> Includes suggestion for parents who wish to explore fun activities that enhance listening skills with their children. Steve Metzger’s other book is “The way I act.“.

気を散らさせられる多くの情報や出来事がある今日では、真剣に耳を傾けて聞くことは、今までなく重要になっている。人間のもつ聞く能力は、学校生活や身の安全のため、そして他者との人間関係構築のためにも欠かせない。「はい、ちゃんと聞きます。」と繰り返すリズミカルな言葉は、日常生活の中での様々なケースで役立つので、子ども達に使う喜びをもたらしてくれる。>>>親向けに、子ども達の聞く能力をさらに伸ばすための楽しい提案も掲載されている。同じ作者の作品に”The way I act.”もある。

Stolen Words

By Melanie Florence, Illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard (Second Story Press – 2017)

When a little girl comes home from school one day and asks her grandpa how to say something in his Cree language, he is sad that he cannot teach her. He tells her that his words were stolen from him when he was taken to live at a residential school as a boy. The little girl then sets out to help her grandpa find his language again. It’s very emotional love story between grandpa and granddaughter.>>>At the end, there is English translation and pronunciation of the Cree words found in this tory.