Arto’s Big Move

By Monica Aarnoldo  ( Publisher of Chirp, chickaDEE and OWL – 2014 )

Arto has lives his whole 6 years life in the snowy, cold North. So when his family moves down South for the year, he is miserable. He is missing the life style in North very much. But when Arto makes a new friend, Anna, he slowly accepts new way of his life under hot Southern Sun. And when his year in the South is over, Arto understands there is another way of life. The book uses a gentle touch to convey an important message about adapting to change.


Arto 少年は、生まれてから6歳になるまでずっと北の豪雪地帯で育った。それ故に、家族と共に南に一年間引っ越した時は、大変に悲しかった。北での彼の日常が、毎日恋しかった。Annaという新しい友達が出来てから、Arto 少年は南の暑い太陽の下での生活を少しずつ受けいれるようになった。そして一年が過ぎて、又北に戻る日がやってきたが、Arto 少年は異なる生活が待っていることを理解出来た。優しい描写を使いながらも、変化を受けいれる為の大切なメッセージが込められた絵本。

Lady Liberty’s Holiday

By Jen Arena, Illustrated by Matt Hunt (Alfred A. Knopf – 2016)

When the Statue of Liberty decides she wants to see more of America, she leaves her post in New York to explore. The educational information of the Statue of Liberty are found on the last pages.



What is a child?

By Beatrice Alemagna (Tate Publishing – 2016)

Through bold and sensitively observed portraits and thought-provoking text, the author inspires children and adults reading with them, to consider their own identity. Adults can remember their childhood and kids can peek their adulthood, but the book ends to just enjoy your childhood.



Show me Happy

By Kathryn Madeline Allen, Photographs by Eric Futran  (Albert Whitman & Company – 2015)

In lively, engaging photos, different children show simple actions and concepts that all children learn as they start to socialite and communicate. The real images of diversity of children also help them for multicultural education.



Rice and Beans

By Wiley Blevins, Illustrated by Mattia Cerato (Red Chair Press LLC – 2015)   

A young girl adapted from China sees that her hair, eyes and skin color are different from that of her parents. She founds, however, that there’s much more to making a family than sharing red hair and skin the color of vanilla ice cream.