The Tide

By Clare Helen Welsh, Illustrated by Ashling Lindsay  ( Tiger Tales  –  2019 )

A young girl loves her Grandpa so much. When they spend the day at the beach, she holds his hand as they go for a walk, and they build sand castles together. But sometimes it’s difficult, because her Grandpa’s memories are like the tide; they’re near and full of life sometimes, and other times they’re distant and quiet. Despite the challenges, the girls loves her Grandpa and he loves her.



When I carried You in My Belly

By Thrity Umrigar, Illustrated by Ziyue Chen  ( Running Press Kids – 2017 )

A young mother explains to her daughter how love, kindness, and a sense of fun shaped her daughter even before her birth. This book about the special bond between parents and children is a mother’s song to her growing daughter, capturing the warmth and magic of a time when she was pregnant with her child.


Green is a Chile Pepper : A book of Colors

By Roseanne Greenfield Thong, Illustrated by John Parra  ( Chronicle Books – 2014 )

In this living concept book children discover a rainbow of colors in the world around them: Red is spices and swirling skirts, yellow is masa, tortillas, and sweet corn cake. Many of the features objects are Hispanic in origin, but all are universal in appeal. >>>Informative Glossary of Spanish are found on the last pages.



Red is a Dragon : A book of Colors

By Roseanne Thong, Illustrated by Grace Lin  ( Chronicle Books  – 2001 )

A Chinese American girl provides rhyming descriptions of the great variety of colors she sees around her from the red of a dragon, firecrackers, and lychees to the brown of her teddy bear. Many of the featured object are Asian in origin, but all are universal in appeal.>>>More details of some words related Chinese culture are found on the last pages.



Noodle Magic   

By Roseanne Greenfield Thong, Illustrated by Meilo So  ( Orchard Books – 2014 )

Grandpa Tu is famous for his special noodles and as the emperor’s birthday approaches, he encourages his granddaughter Mei, to find her own magic. This book is written in the style of a Chinese folk story, with engaging cultural, community, and family elements.


お祖父さんTu は特別な麺を作るので有名なのだが、皇帝の誕生日が近ずくにつれて、孫娘のMeiが自分の力で麺つくりを覚えることを励ました。この絵本は中国の民話のスタイルで、伝統文化と地域社会と家族のつながりの大切さを、楽しく微笑ましく再認識させくれる。

Sakura’s Cherry Blossoms   

By Robert Paul Weston, Illustrated by Misa Saburi ( tundra – 2018 )

Sakura loves warm spring days and loves sitting underneath the cherry blossom trees with her grandmother. But now Sakura and her parent are moving to America, and her grandmother staying back in Japan. Told in a series of poems inspired by traditional Japanese verse, this story of one little girl’s immigration experience explores the loneliness of a new home, the healing power of friendship and the joy of finding the familiar in unexpected place.