All of Us

By Kathryn Erskine, Illustrated by Alexandra Boiger (Philomel- 2021)

Friends can help us understand the world and ourselves, opening our eyes to unique cultures and ideas. In a story that travels the globe, it’s easy to see how the world is a community made up of people who are more similar than we are different. With stunning, lush art to accompany the lyrical text, this book celebrates how honoring everyone’s talent creates a world that’s richer for all of us.


Step by Step

By Alice B. McGinty, Illustrated by Diane Goode (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers – 2021)

On the morning he is to start school, a nervous little boy is reassured by his father’s advice to handle problems step by step. How to make a new friend, how to learn to read and write ,,, Life is full of adventures, and the boy learns to do it all, just take it step by step.


Ice Cream Summer

By Peter Sis (Scholastic Press – 2015)

This is an answering letter to his grandpa from a boy who loves Ice Cream so much, and in his head everything is related with Ice Cream. In his letter he shows a lots of information about Ice Cream based on its history, its invention, and even math practice of Ice Cream.


111 Trees : How one village celebrates the birth of every girl

By Rina Singh, Illustrated by Marianne Ferrer (Kids Can Press Ltd. -2020)

Based on a true story in the village of India. As a boy, Sundar witnesses the struggle of those around him-How irresponsible mining ravages the countryside. How ancient customs and beliefs caused gender inequality and discrimination. How the birth of a boy is celebrated with music and food-while the birth of a girl is met with silence. He dreams of a better life for all-both boys and girls. Years pass, Sundar grows up, marries and becomes a father. When he is elected the village head, he proposed a plan that will both heal the land and honor girls. But the villagers reject his ideas. Still, Sundar is determined. He knows what he has to do, after his older daughter dies. >>> Why 111 trees? With a stick, Sundar made three lines on the ground for the three things that came to his mind: Daughter, Water, Trees. The detail info. is at the end.