From Kalamazoo to Timbuktu!                

By Harriet Ziefert, Illustrated by Tanya Roitman (Blue Apple Books ~ in 2005)

One day Millie and Mike don’t know what to do so they imagine a voyage from their home in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA to Timbuktu, Mari in West Africa. As using every means of transportation possible, the both take trip to the other side of the world.



The Sandwich Swap                  

By Queen Rania, with Kelly Dipucchio, Illustrated by Tricia Tusa                                (Disney/Hyperion books ~ in 2010)

The day Lily stops eating her peanut butter and jelly sandwich to tell Salma her hummus and pita sandwich looks yucky- and vice verse- is the day they stop being friends. As their story spreads across the school, so does intolerance. When Lily and Salma get caught in the middle of a food fight, and called to the principal’s office, they decide it’s time to make some changes.   >>>The Queen of Jordan is the co-author of this book based on her nursery-school experiences.




Made by Raffi                     

By Craig Pomranz, Illustrated by Margaret Chamberlain                                                 (Frances Lincoln Childrenfs Book ~ in 2014)

Raffi is a shy boy who prefers quiet over rough-and-tumble games. At recess, a teacher offers to teach him to knit.  Raffi’s enthusiasm burns as brightly as colored drawings of wool at the yarn shop. He knits an enormous rainbow scarf for his father, and makes a cape for the school play’s prince. Raffi’s skills are admired by family and friends and he knits many new item with their encouragements.



Ruth and the Green Book                

By Calvin Alexander Ramsey, Illustrated by Floyd Cooper (Carolrhoda Books ~ in 2010)

Inspired by the true historical events. Ruth was so excited to take a trip in her family’s new car. In the early 1950’s, few black American could afford to buy car, so this would be an adventure.  But she soon found out that black travelers weren’t treated very well in some towns. Many hotels and gas stations refused service to black people.  Finally, a friendly attendant at a gas station showed Ruth’s family The Green Book which listed all the places that would welcome black travelers. With this book, they could make a safe journey from Chicago to Ruth’s grandma’s house in Alabama.



Filipino Friends

By Liana Romulo, Illustrated by Corazon Dadan-Albano (Tittle Publishing ~ in 2007)

A Filipino-American boy visits the Philippines for the very first time.  Featuring soft watercolor illustrations, each picture is labeled with English words and their Filipino translations, and shows reader both the similarities and differences between Western and Philippine lifestyles.




By Mary Lyn Ray, Illustrated by Marla Frazee  (Beach Lane Books ~ in 2011)

Exploration of stars both near and far. Children’s imagination harmonizes with beautiful illustrations. All different children with their PJ come together to look up the stars in the night sky. This tender and lovely book is the best for bed time to have a sweet dream.



Totally Wonderful Miss Plumberry

By Michael Rosen, Illustrated by Chinlun Lee (Candlewick Press ~ in 2006)

Molly cannot wait to share her grandma’s crystal with all her classmates, the special crystal she looks at each night as she fells asleep.  Everyone crowds around, eager to see it.  But Russel runs by with his flashy, water-spurting dinosaur. Everyone’s attention are gone from the crystal, and Molly ‘s eyes are filling with tears. Miss Plumberry catches Molly’s situation and understands her feeling.



Belinda in Paris

By Amy Young  (Viking, Penguin Group ~ in 2005)

Belinda has arrived in Paris to perform, but her ballet shoes went to Pago Pago. To add to her problem, she has very big feet. As she and a young dance, Gabrielle, race through the streets of the city looking for a replacement pair, help comes from some unexpected places.



What James Said

By Liz Rosenberg, Illustrated by Matt Myers (Roaring Brook Press ~ in 2015)

When a little girl thinks that her best friend James has been saying bad things about her behind her back, she takes action in the form of the silent treatment. As they go about their days and James tries harder and harder to get her to talk to him, they both realize that true friendship surpasses any rumor….or misunderstanding.



Lots of Feelings       

By Shelley Rotner (Millbrook Press Inc. ~ in 2003)

A face can tell you what someone is feeling. In this expressive photo-essay, simple text and photographs introduce basic emotions happy, grumpy, thoughtful and more and how people show them.