Every Cowgirl goes to School

By Rebecca Janni, Illustrated by Lynne Avril (Dial Books for Young Readers – 2013)

Nellie Sue is a true cowgirl with imagination the size of Texas!, and she is looking forward to a great school year. However, from having to leave her cowgirl hat at home to being seated between the rambunctious “J-twins”, a brand-new day in a brand-new class is not going Nellie Sue’s way especially with her best friend Anna, being nice to new girl Maya.

テキサスのような大きな想像力の持ち主であるNeillie Sueは、本物のカウガールであり、新学期を楽しみにしていた。ところが、カウガールの帽子は学校へは被っていけれず、おまけにJの頭文字名の乱暴な双子の男の子の間に彼女の席があり、彼女が想像していたようなウキウキするクラスでの新しい一日にはなりそうもなかった。とりわけ、彼女の親友のAnnaが、転校してきたMayaに親切であるのも気になった。

A Girl like You

By Frank Murphy and Carla Murphy, Illustrated by Kayla Harren (Sleeping Bear Press – 2020)

Encourage every girl to embrace all of the things that make her unique to be strong and kind, to stand up tor herself, and more. The images of diversity girls help to enjoy their happiness of being a girl.>>> And celebrate all the wonderful unique and brilliant ways to be a boy with “ A Boy like You“.

総ての女の子を勇気つけてくれる絵本。女の子の強さも、優しさも、独立心も、自分への思いやりも、更に様々な要素が、一人一人の女の子をユニークな存在にしてくれる。多様なる女の子のイメージは、女の子であることの幸福感を味わえる。>>>そして、男の子を祝福するべき様々な方法は、” A Boy like You“で、紹介している。

Jacob’s Room to Choose

By Sarah and Ian Hoffman, Illustrated by Chris Case (Magination Press – 2019)

Jacob loves to go to class and the library. But when he tries to use the boy’s bathroom, other kids mistake him for a girl and chase him out. Scared and confused, Jacob confides in his friend Sophie, a classmate who had the same thing happen when she tried to use the girl’s bathroom. When Jacob and Sophie join forces with their teacher, the give everyone at their school the idea to choose which bathroom feels right for them. >>>This book will start meaningful discussion to open access bathroom.


Steamboat School

By Deborah Hopkinson, Illustrated by Ron Husband ( Disney Hyperion – 2017 )

Based on true events of Mr. Reverend John Berry Meachum (1789-1854}. When James first started school, his sister practically had to drag him there. His teacher, Mr. Meachum, told James “We make our own light here.” Although hard work and learning his students did, their school was shut down by a new law forbidding African American education in Missouri. Determined to continue teaching his students, Mr. Meachum built a new school- a floating school on the Mississippi River, just outside the boundary of the unjust law.

Reverend John Berry Meachum (1789-1854}氏の実話に基ずく物語。James が初めて学校へ行くことになったのも、姉が強引に彼を連れて行ってからだ。 Meachum 先生はJamesに「我々自身の希望を持てるように、勉強は必要だ」と教えてくれた。一生懸命励み勉強したにも関わらず、ミズりー州の新しい法律でアフリカ系アメリカ人への教育が禁止され、学校は閉鎖された。生徒達への教育の変わらぬ熱意により、Meachum 先生は新たな学校を作った。それは、ミズリー州の法律の支配外にある、ミシシッピー河に浮ぶ船の学校であった。

what happens next

By Susan Hughes, Illustrated by Carey Sookocheff ( Owlkids Books – 2017 )

Narrated in the striking, original voice of an outsider, and brought to life by deceptively spare illustrations, this book is an intimate look at the worlds of the bullied and the bully – and the way in which the universe connects them.