I Promise

By LeBron James, Illustrated by Nina Mata( Harper-2020 )

In this book you will find encouraging and boosting reminders that success starts with you. Inspired by the creation of his I PROMISE School in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, NBA champion and cultural icon LeBron James motivates us to strive for greatness in everything we do. ” I promise to be the best version of me!”

この絵本は、成功への第一歩を踏み出すための心得を、思い起こし強めてくれる。オハイオ州Akronの郷里にI PROMISE School を開設したNBAチャンピオンであり時代の象徴的存在である作者のLeBron Jamesが、あらゆることへの成果を得る為に努力を惜しまないように励ましてくれる。

Days with Dad

By Nari Hong ( Enchanted Lion Books – 2017 )

The heart-warming story, narrated by a young girl and based on the author’s own experience, revolves around a conversation between the two: a father who uses a wheelchair because he cannot walk and his daughter. The father concerns over what experiences his daughter might be missing out on with him. But she doesn’t care in the least about what her dad can’t do. Rather, she delights in the many wonderful things they often do together-from making music to looking out the window on rainy days.


The Glassmaker’s Daughter

By Dianne Hofmeyr, Illustrated by Jane Ray (Quanrt Knows – 2017)

In sixteenth-century Venice, Daniela is so gloomy and glum that her father, a glassmaker, offers a glass palace to the person whoever can make his daughter smile. Everyone from a mask maker to a lion tamer tries their luck, to no avail…..but then Angelo, a young apprentice, presents Daniela with a mysterious gift. It’s a glass mirror which Angelo created.


I just want to say Good Night

By Rachel Isadora ( Nancy Paulsen Books – 2017 )

The sun has set. The moon is rising. It’s bedtime. But Lala is not ready to go to sleep! First she needs to say good night to the cat. And then the goat, and the chicken, and, and, and…….. This delightful bedtime ritual sets on the African , and rings true for all parents whose little ones aren’t ready to say good-bye to the day. >>> Other books by Rachel Isadora in SHI collection.


What a Family!:A fresh look at family trees

By Rachel Isadora ( G.P. Putnam’s sons – 2006 )

Ollie is the shortest kid in his kindergarten class. His grandpa Max says Olllie looks just like Max’s brother Winthrop did when he was the shortest kid in class. In fact, it turns out that Olllie is connected to lots of people, and this book shows exactly how, from dimples and freckles to ears that wiggle and hair that sticks up. This book celebrates family in all its similarity and diversity, as adding both humor and clarity to the wonder of our family trees. >>> Other books by Rachel Isadora in SHI collection.


Mission: New Baby ::Top-Secret Info for Big Brothers & Sisters

By Susan Hood, Illustrated by Mary Lundquist (Random House-2015)

Special Agent, who is going to be a big sibling, will receive super-secret guide to training the family’s newest recruit. There will be lots to do, like leading physical training (teaching your sibling to walk) and sharing intel (reading together), even that will be a big challenge. The book highlights 16 tasks for training a new recruit with welcoming a new sibling.


nothing in common

By Kate Hoefler, Illustrated by Corinna Luyken (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – 2020)

Two neighbors assume they have nothing in common until the same bright part of their day is gone: watching the love between an old man and his dog. Where would a missing dog be? They have the same ideas, but other than that, they have nothing in common. Or do they? With lyrical text and poetic illustration, the book explore how tow notices follow their heart, only begin to notice something new-each other- and how connection can sometimes float over us and land in extraordinary ways.


Pet Show!

By Ezra Jack Keats ( Viking – 1972 )

Archie has the perfect pet to enter in the neighborhood pet show: the stray cat that followed him home. It’s sure to win him a prize. But now it’s missing! What will he do if the cat doesn’t come back? Quick-thinking, Archie has a solution for everything – even a surprise las-minute entry for the pet show!


Best-Ever Big Sister

By Karen Katz ( Grosset & Dunlap – 2006 )

This is a lift-the-flap book by Karen Katz who creates a lot of children’s picture books. Each page of the book says ” I’m a big sister. My baby sister…..” and the following page ” But I can….”, and then flap the page up to show what/how her big sister does. It will be helpful to establish understanding of new big sister’s role.>>>Other books by Karen Kate in SHI collection.

児童絵本を数多く制作しているKaren Katzによる、飛び出す仕掛けの絵本。各ページは” I’m a big sister. My baby sister…..”と書かれ、反対のページには” But I can….”, となり、そのページを持ち上げると赤ちゃんより自分が出来ることを絵とテキストで示している。幼い妹への姉の役割を理解するのに、役立つ絵本である。>>>SHEのコレクションにある同作者の作品

Apple Countdown

By Joan Holub, Illustrated by Jan Smith (Albert Whitman & Company – 2009)

Fieldtrip today – to the apple farm! Count 20 name tags, 19 kids on the bus, 18 miles to the farm…… Joan Holub’s creative countdown, from 20 to 1, includes grouping and simple addition. Joan Smith’s lively watercolors are as fresh as happy as crisp apples. Small bites of knowledge about apples are fully appeared on the other side of the front and back cover. >>> Pumpkin Countdown by the same author and illustrator, published in 2012.

学校の課外授業で、行く先はリンゴ園である!20枚の名札を用意し、19人の生徒がバスに乗り、18マイル先のリンゴ園に向かう。Joan Holubの想像力豊かな数の絵本であり、グループ分けや簡単な足し算も出てくる。Joan Smithの水彩画はリンゴをかじったように新鮮である。リンゴに関する豆知識が、表紙と裏表紙の内側にちりばめてある。>>>同じ作者とイラストレーターによるPumpkin Countdownを2012年に出版。