Melissa Parkington’s Beautiful, Beautiful Hair

By Pat Brisson, Illustrated by Suzanne Bloom (Boyds Mills Press – 2006)

Everyone admires Melissa Parkington’s hair which is long, thick and so shiny, but Mellissa would like to be known for more than her hair. She wants to do something spectacular, but everything she tries doesn’t seem to work out the way she plants. Then one day she discovers that she can do something special with her hair! Melissa donates her hair to kids who need wigs.



Even Superheroes Have Bad Days

By Shelly Becker, Illustrated by Eda Kaban (Sterling Children’s Books – 2016)

Just like the rest of us, superheroes have bad days. They could use super-powers to cause a big scene. Or run amok and act super-mean. But even when they’re really really mad, they can’t -they won’t act super-bad.  This fabulously fun rhyming book shows how superheroes find a way to get a grip on their emotions, and show role models for young readers.



Priscilla and the Hollyhocks

By Anne Broyles, Illustrated by Anna Alter  ( Charlesbridge – 2008 )

Based on a true story from Priscilla early years on a Southern plantation to her forced march along the Trail of Tears to the chance encounter that leads to her freedom. On her journey from slave to free woman, Priscilla carries something precious with her: hollyhock seeds and hope. The instruction of making a Hollyhock Doll is found on the last page.



Granddaddy’s Turn: A Journey to the Ballot box

By Michael S. Bandy and Eric Stein, Illustrated by James E. Ransome                      (Candlewick Press – 2015)

Based on one family’s experience in the civil rights-era South. Michael and his grandfather make a special trip into town for a very important event-Granddaddy is going to vote for the first time! But as Michael soon discover,  there is still a long way to go one the road to justice.



The Five of Us

By Quentin Blake  ( Tate Publishing – 2014 )

Angie, Ollie, Simona, Mario, and Eric are five fantastic friends, each of whom has an unusual ability. Disaster strikes on a day in the countryside, but by working together and combining their individual powers, the Fantastic Five save the day.



When Sophie’s Feelings are Really, Really Hurt

By Molly Bang  ( The Blue Sky Press – 2015 )

Sophie is hurt when her classmates laugh at her painting and tell her she’s wrong. Her teacher asks Sophie to explain about her painting, and the teacher also asks the other students the same. In the end, the students learn each other that there are many different ways to express oneself.



No Dogs Allowed!

By Linda Ashman, Illustrated by Kristin Sorra (Sterling Children’s Books – 2011)

Alberto is eager to welcome diners to his new restaurant, but only the right diners. People arrive one after another with a surprising selection of pets. Alberto turns them all away, and the crowd discover a friendlier alternative in the festive street. The nearly wordless picture book tells about friendship, community and acceptance.



Over the River & Through the Wood: A Holiday Adventure

By Linda Ashman, Illustrated by Kim Smith  ( Sterling Children’s Books – 2015 )

Grand parents invite their children and grand children who live in different places to spend winter holiday together at their house. Now multicultural families start their adventure journey to their grand parents’ house as bringing their favorite pies.



Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau

By Andrea Beaty, Illustrated by David Roberts (Abrams Books for young readers – 2014)

Madame Chapeau who is the world’s finest hat maker, matches customers to the perfect hat. She lives alone lonely and only on her birthday she ventures out in her favorite bonnet to dinner. But this year, a crow snatches her birthday hat and flies away. Many different people offer her their own hats, but non of them are quite right. Finally a little girl offer her a hat knitted with special love and Madame Chapeau accepts it happily.