A Journey Toward HOPE

By Victor Hinojosa and Coert Voorhees, Illustrated by Susan Guevara ( Sixfoot Press – 2020 )

The story of four unaccompanied migrant children who come together along the arduous journey north through Mexico to the United States border, A Journey Toward Hope is an ode to the power of hope and connection in the face of uncertainty and fear. Every year, roughly 50, 000 unaccompanied minors arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border to present themselves for asylum of related visas. The majority of those children are non-Mexicans fleering the systemic violence of Central America’s “Northern Triangle” : Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. A Journey Toward Hope tells the story of Rodrigo, a 14-years-old escaping Honduran violence; Alessandra, a 10-years-old Guatemalan whose first language is Q’eqchi’; and Salvadoran siblings Laura, 13-years-old and Nando, 7-years-old. >>> On the last pages, found the notes from Baylor University and the illustrator, as well as more information of child migration.


Saturday at the Food Pantry

By Diane O’Neill, Illustrated by Brizida Magro (Albert Whitman & Co. – 2021 )

Molly has never been to a food pantry before. It’s different from a grocery store: Molly and her mom have to sign in to enter, and there are limits on what they can buy. Then Molly sees her classmate Caitlin. But Caitlin isn’t happy to see Molly – she doesn’t want anyone to know she gets food from the pantry. Molly begins to wonder if there’s something wrong with accepting help. >>> One the last page, more details about Food Insecurity in the US.


The Library Bus

By Bahram Rahman, Illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard ( Pajama Press – 2020 )

It is still dark in Kabul, Afghanistan when the library bus rumbles out of the city. There are no bus seats – instead there are chairs and tables and shelves of books. And there are no passengers – instead there is Pari, who is nervously starting her first day as Mama’s library helper. Pari stands tall to hand out notebooks and pencils at the villages and the refugee camp, but she feels intimidated. The girls they visit are learning to write English from Mama. Pari can’t even read or write in Farsi yet. But next year she will go to school and learn all there is to know.>>>The author was born in Kabul, and studied at the university in Germany, and in 2012 he moved to Canada as a refugee. Bahram Rahman’s books and Gabrielle Grimard’s books in SHI collection. 

図書館バスがガタガタと街を出た時、アフガニスタンのカブールはまだ暗かった。このバスには座席がなく、代わりに椅子とテーブルそして本棚がある。乗客は誰もいなくて、母親の図書館の手伝いを始めてするので少しドキドキしたPariが乗っていた。Pariはバスで訪れる村や難民キャンプで、ノートやエンピツを渡すのだが、初めての手伝いに緊張していた。訪問先の少女達は、Pariの母親から英語を学ぶ。PariはFarsi語さえまだ読めないが、来年には学校へ行って沢山学ぶことを楽しみにしていた。>>>作者は、カブール生まれでドイツの大学に学び、2012年に難民としてカナダに移住した。SHIのコレクションにあるBahram Rahmanの作品Gabrielle Grimardの作品

Ten Cents a Pound

By Nhung N. Tran-Davies, Illustrated by Josée Bisaillon ( Second Story Press – 2018 )

A young girl is torn by her desire to stay home with her family and her village, and her mother repeats her ” Ten cents a pound is what I’ll earn, to buy these books and set you free.” Every time the girl insists that she will stay, her mother repeats that she must go – that there is more to life than working in the coffee fields. It won’t be easy, but her mother is determined to giver her a better future. >>> The author’s family came to Canada as refugees from Vietnam in 1979, and in 2013 she founded the “Children of Vietnam Benevolent Foundation”.

その少女は母親と一緒にいたい気持ちを諦めるか悩んでいたが、母親は繰り返し娘に伝えた。「ポンド10セントの稼ぎだけが私にできること。それであなたが読む本を買って、あなたを自由にさせたい。」母親と一緒にいること主張する度に、母親は娘が村を出てコーヒー園で働く以外の世界を知ることの必要性を説いた。易しいことではないが、母親は娘により良い将来を与えることを強く願っていた。>>>作者は、1979年に家族とカナダにやって来た難民であり、2013年に“Children of Vietnam Benevolent Foundation”を設立した。

A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

By Mary Lee Donovan, Illustrated by Lian Cho (Greenwillow Books – 2021)

Family, friends, and neighbors; travelers and strangers from near and far are greeted with hospitality, kindness, compassion, warmth, and fellowship in this timeless picture book about the universal birthright of all people. This book reminds readers about “Welcome” as introducing the word “welcome” in 13 different language and sigh language with heart warmed illustrations. >>>On the last pages, found the notes and pronunciations of “welcome” in 13 different languages.


Our World is a Family : Our Community Can Change the World

By Miry Whitehall and Jennifer Jackson, Illustrated by Nomar Perez ( Sourcebooks eXplore – 2022 )

There are so many reasons why people move to new communities. In this vividly illustrated and joyfully written story, explore some of the causes behind immigration and become inspired to welcome new faces into your neighborhood with love. With clear examples of how to be a food neighbor, this inspiring and diverse read is perfect for any family who wants to make a positive contributions to the world around you.>>>Miry Whitehall is the founder of Miry’s List.

新しくコミュニティ‐にやってくる人達には様々な理由がある。生き生きとした明るい色彩の絵と心温まる言葉で、移民の人達の事情を語り、愛情をもって隣人として迎える喜びを教えている。簡単明瞭にアドバイスを提示しているこの絵本は、楽しく安心できるコミュニティーを建設するのに、どの家族にも大いに役立つだろう。>>>著者のMiry Whitehallは、Miry’s List の創設者。

The Day War Came

By Nicola Davies, Illustrated by Rebecca Cobb ( Candlewick Press l- 2018 )

Inspired by true events, this lyrical, deeply affecting book evokes the experience of a young refugee and shows the hope a simple act of kindness can bring in the wake of the devastation of war. >>> Published in association with Help Refugees. The author’s words found on the last page.

実話を基に製作された絵本で、一人の少女の体験を再現した心打たれる物語。戦争の恐怖から救われるためには、ささやかでも周囲からの親切心が大いなる助けとなり希望をもたらすことを教えてくれる。>>>Help Refugeesの協力で出版された。巻末に作者の言葉が記載。

111 Trees : How one village celebrates the birth of every girl

By Rina Singh, Illustrated by Marianne Ferrer (Kids Can Press Ltd. -2020)

Based on a true story in the village of India. As a boy, Sundar witnesses the struggle of those around him-How irresponsible mining ravages the countryside. How ancient customs and beliefs caused gender inequality and discrimination. How the birth of a boy is celebrated with music and food-while the birth of a girl is met with silence. He dreams of a better life for all-both boys and girls. Years pass, Sundar grows up, marries and becomes a father. When he is elected the village head, he proposed a plan that will both heal the land and honor girls. But the villagers reject his ideas. Still, Sundar is determined. He knows what he has to do, after his older daughter dies. >>> Why 111 trees? With a stick, Sundar made three lines on the ground for the three things that came to his mind: Daughter, Water, Trees. The detail info. is at the end.


Love the Earth

By Julian Lennon & Bart Davis, Illustrated by Smiljana Coh  (Sky Pony Press books – 2019)

Jump aboard the white Feather Flier, a magical airplane that can go anywhere on Earth! The Flier’s mission is to transport readers around the world, to engage them in helping to save the environment, and to teach one and all to love our planet. Just press an illustrated button printed on the page and use your imagination power to make the Flier glide through the air or transform into vehicles that will help those in need.>>>In 2007, the author, Julian Lennon founded The White Feather Foundation.


白い羽に乗って、魔法の飛行機が世界中を巡る。白い羽の使命は、読者を世界中で起こっている問題に目を向けさせ、地球環境を守り、この惑星を愛するように世界中の人達に伝えること。ページごとに描かれているボタンを押すと、白い羽は様々な乗り物に姿を変えて助けが必要な場所に運んでくれる。>>>2007年に、著者Julian Lennonが設立したThe White Feather Foundation.


By Christelle Vallat, Illustrated by Stephanie Augusseau (First published in Belgium in 2012. English translation: Peter pauper press, Inc.-2014)

Celia is the town listener. She listens to people’s little problems, big problems and the in-between problems. Once they have shared their troubles with Celia and let them go – giving Celia their seed of sorrow – they feel lighter and happier. One day Julian, a young boy, loses his seed on the way to see Celia, he is unable to let go his sadness. But Celia knows how to solve Julian’s problem.