Mamma Mia!

Directed by Phyllida Lloyd (2008)

Donna (Meryl Streep), an independent hotelier in the Greek beautiful island, is preparing for her daughter, Sophie’s wedding with the help of old friends. Meanwhile Sophie peeks her mother’s old diary and finds three men’s names and one of them would be possible to be her farther. Sophie secretly invites three men without deep thinking, just with wishing to have her farther to escort her down to the aisle on her big day. Unbelievably, all three men show up on the island just before Sophie’s wedding day. >>>Based on the 1999 musical of the same title and based on the songs of well-known Swedish pop group ABBA. “Mamma Mia” is Italian words to used in situation of surprise and excitement, and was used fot the name of ABBA’s 1975 chart-topper. The following story titled “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” will be released in the US on July 2018.

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Strega Nona Takes a Vacation

By Tomie dePaola (G.P.Putnam’s Sons – 2005)

It has been a log time since Strega Nona had a vacation. Then one night Strega Nona dreams she’s at her Grandma Concetta’s little house by the seashore. And all the next day she hears Grandma Concetta’s voice saying, “Vieni, Nonalima, come.” Nona decides that she will take a vacation there. While she is away, her big daughter and son can be left alone for just one week….what could possibly go wrong?
>>>Other books of Tomie dePaola: Angeles, Angels Everywhere, Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs, The Legend of the Bluebonnet.


>>>Tomie dePaola の他の作品は: Angeles, Angels Everywhere, Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs, The Legend of the Bluebonnet.

Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs

By Tomie dePaola (G.P.Putnam’s Sons – 1973, 1998)                                               Every Sunday, Tommy runs into the house, say hello to his grandmother, Nana Downstaire, in the Kitchen, then runs up the back stairs to his great-grandmother, Nana Upstairs, in her bedroom. But one day Tommy’s mother tells him Nana Upstairs won’t be there anymore, and Tommy must struggle with saying good-buy to his beloved one.
>>>Tis is the first book of many picture books in which artist/author Tomie dePaola draw on his own childhood experiences. He was born in Meriden, Connecticut, in 1934, to a family of Irish and Italian background, and this story is about his Irish side of the family.    Other books of  Tomie dePaola : Angeles, Angels Everywhere, Strega Nona takes vacation, The Legend of the Bluebonnet.


>>>数多くの児童絵本を制作したトミエ デパオラが、自分の幼児期を描いた最初の作品。彼は1934年にコネチカット州メリデンに生まれアイルランドとイタリアの血統がある。この物語は彼のアイルランド人の家族との絆である。 Tomie dePaola の他の作品は: Angeles, Angels Everywhere, Strega Nona takes vacation, The Legend of the Bluebonnet.

Angels, Angels Everywhere

By Tomie dePaola (G.P.Putnam’s Sons – 2005)

This is about angels, but angels who look after ordinary activities like waking up and going to school. Whether it’s a kitchen angel, a music angel, or even a tea party angel, you’ll find an angel for every occasion in the author’s fresco-style illustrations.
>>>Other books of Tomie dePaola in SHI collection: Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs, Strega Nona takes vacation, The Legend of the Bluebonnet.


天使についての絵本であるが、ここに登場するのは天使でも普通の生活を見守ってくれている天使である。台所の天使もいれば音楽の天使や更にはお茶会の天使も現われ、トミエ デパオラのフラスコ画スタイルのイラストの中で、あちらこちらと天使達が飛んでいる。
>>>SHI コレクションにあるTomie dePaola の他の作品:Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs, Strega Nona takes vacation, The Legend of the Bluebonnet.


By Julia Denos, Illustrated by E.B. Goodale (Candlewick Press – 2017)

Walking his dog at dusk, one boy catches glimpses of the lives around him in this lovely ode to autumn evenings, exploring neighborhood, and coming home.  As showing idea of home and the magic of curiosity, also the book tells us about how a sense of safety and belonging is something to which every child is entitled.



Pirates go to school

By Corinne Demas , Illustrated by John Manders (Orchard Books – 2011)

Pirates and their parrots go to school, and it’s time to hang up their swords and have fun. They learn reading and math, and they bring their pirate treasure for show-and-tell. Everyone can enjoy to read this nice story with cute illustrations.



The man who knew infinity

Directed by Matt Brown (2015)

Based on biography of Indian Mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan. In Madras, South India, a poor and young Ramanujan becomes obsessed and master of mathematics. He earns admittance to Cambridge University during World War I, where he becomes a pioneer in mathematical theories with the guidance of his professor, G.H.Hardy, even though fighting against racial discrimination and his poor health caused of vegetable less meals and winter weather in England.