What If Everybody Did That?

By Ellen Javernick, Illustrated by Colleen M. Madden ( Two Lions – 2010 )

If you drop just one soda can out the window, it’s no big deal,,,,right? But what if everybody did that? What if everybody broke the rules,,,and spoke during story time, didn’t wash up, or splashed too much at the pool? Then the world would be a mess. But what if everybody obeyed the rules so that the world would become a better place? This book shows how each person’s small, everyday choices-good or bad- have consequences one way or the other. >>> The companion book to “What If Everybody Thought That?”, “What If Everybody Said That?” .

ソーダの空き缶をだった一つ窓から投げたら、、、大したことじゃない?でも、皆がそれをしたら、どうなる?ルールを皆が守らなかったら、、、話を聞くときに喋ったり、汚れた手を洗わなかったり、プールで水を跳ね飛ばしたり、大混乱が起こる。皆がルールを守れば、お互いに心地よく過ごせる。日常の些細なことでも、皆の行動によって良くも悪くも成果が現れる。>>>この絵本は、“What If Everybody Thought That?” や “What If Everybody Said That?” との姉妹本。

Let’s Vote! : A Fruitful Election Tale

By Anita Iaco, Illustrated by Chiara Civati ( Mascot Books – 2016 )

It’s Election Day, and Miss Jenn’s students have to vote for the official class fruit. Three students are chosen to speak for the banana, the orange, and the apple. They present some nice and some not-so-nice reasons why their fruit should receive the most vote. While only one fruit wins, everyone learns how important it is to make promises you can keep, tell the truth, and be nice.


A Crazy-much LOVE

By Joy Jordan-Lake, Illustrated by Sonia Sanchez (Two Lions – 2019)

“How much is the crazy-much love?” This simple question is answered as two parents recount the journey of adopting their daughter and the many milestone moments that follow. A warm, lyrical celebration of the deep love that parents hold for their children, and a comforting message for kids about how there can only be one special you.


From Ed’s to Ned’s

By Gideon Sterer, Illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins (Alfred A. Knopf – 2020)

How will we get from Ed’s to Ned’s? Climb! Whirl! Trampoline? There are no wrong ways to get from house to house in this tale of creativity and locomotion! With playful sounds of child’s name one after another, children’s imagination is endless as including every friend.

Edの家からNedの家にどうやって行こう?よじ登る!空を旋回してゆく!それともトランポリンで飛び込もうか? 発想と移動が楽しめれるこの絵本では、家々を訪れる様々な方法が繰り広げられる。子どもの名前の音を次々と楽しむことによって、友達を仲間に入れながら、子ども達のイマジネーションが大きく膨らんでゆく。

Purple Pride

By Christianne C. Jones, Illustrated by Todd Ouren (Picture Window Books – 2007)

Get your purple banners out! Throw on your purple cap! It’s the final soccer match of the season, and the purple team is ready to score the winning goal. >>>This is one of the book in the “know your color series.” Including educational information about colors in the first and the last pages.

紫色のバーナーを掲げ!紫色の帽子を被ろう!今シーズン最後の試合で、紫色のチームは優勝の得点を獲得する準備が整った。>>>この本は、”know your color series.” の中の一冊で、最初と最後のページに色に関する教育的な情報が記載されている。

Magnificent Homespun Brown : A Celebration

By Samara Cole Doyon, Illustrated by Kaylani Juanita (Tilbury House Publisher – 2020)

Told by a succession of exuberant young narrators, this is a story – a song, a poem, a celebration – about feeling at home in one’s own beloved skin.


The Very Last Castle

By Travis Jonker, Illustrated by Mark Pett (Abrams Books for Young Readers -2018)

In the middle of small town, much like every other, stands the very Last Castle. No one ever comes out, and no one ever tries to go in. But a curious girl named Ibb wonders what is really behind the castle’s door. This is a timeless tale about overcoming fears, making new friends, and creating a more welcoming community.


Kid Coach

By Rob Justus (Page Street Kids – 2020)

Kid Coach’s talent as a trainer will be put to the test because he just signed Dad up for Wrestling Tournament of Champions. Dad faces off against Big Guys, Bad Guys, Bald Guys, and then he racks up win, after win and win! But as the day goes on, Kid Coach notices something. Daddy starts to dance too long, celebrate too much and rudest of all…. and then Kid Coach has to teach Dad how the true champion should be.