A Journey Toward HOPE

By Victor Hinojosa and Coert Voorhees, Illustrated by Susan Guevara ( Sixfoot Press – 2020 )

The story of four unaccompanied migrant children who come together along the arduous journey north through Mexico to the United States border, A Journey Toward Hope is an ode to the power of hope and connection in the face of uncertainty and fear. Every year, roughly 50, 000 unaccompanied minors arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border to present themselves for asylum of related visas. The majority of those children are non-Mexicans fleering the systemic violence of Central America’s “Northern Triangle” : Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. A Journey Toward Hope tells the story of Rodrigo, a 14-years-old escaping Honduran violence; Alessandra, a 10-years-old Guatemalan whose first language is Q’eqchi’; and Salvadoran siblings Laura, 13-years-old and Nando, 7-years-old. >>> On the last pages, found the notes from Baylor University and the illustrator, as well as more information of child migration.