Sakura’s Cherry Blossoms   

By Robert Paul Weston, Illustrated by Misa Saburi (tundra – 2018)                      Sakura loves warm spring days and loves sitting underneath the cherry blossom trees with her grandmother. But now Sakura and her parent are moving to America, and her grandmother staying back in Japan. Told in a series of poems inspired by traditional Japanese verse, this story of one little girl’s immigration experience explores the loneliness of a new home, the healing power of friendship and the joy of finding the familiar in unexpected place.



A Boy like You

By Frank Murphy, Illustrated by Kayla Harren (Sleeping Bear Press – 2019)               This picture book encourages every boy to embrace all the things that make him unique, to follow his dreams, to be brave and ask for help, to tell his own story and listen to the stories of those around him. In an age when boys are expected to fit into a particular mold, this book celebrates all the wonderful ways to be a boy.

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God’s Dream

By Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Douglas Carlton Abrams, Illustrated LeUyen Pham (Candlewick Press – 2008)                                                                                            This book is a lovely introduction to Archbishop Tutu’s unique message of forgiveness and empathy and a beckoning pathway toward joy that even very young readers will delight in following. With warm and beautiful collaboration between authors and illustrator, the message will be able to reach to all children on the earth. >>>Archbishop Desmond Tutu was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his lifelong struggle to bring equality, justice and peace to his native country of South Africa. The same two authors also wrote: Desmond and the very mean word

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この絵本は、ツツ元大主教からのメッセージである、許しと共感と真の喜びを得るための方法を、若い読者にも解かり易く楽しく紹介している。心温まる美しい作品は、制作者達の熱意の賜物であり、世界中の子ども達に貴重なメッセージを届けてくれる。>>>ツツ元大主教は、祖国南アフリカの公平で平等で平和な社会実現の功績が認められ、1984年にノーベル平和賞を受賞。この絵本と同じ2人の作者でDesmond and the very mean wordもある。

Didi and Daddy on the Promenade

By Marilyn Singer, Illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay (Clarion Books – 2001)                 This delightful picture book captures all the sights and sounds of one of Brooklyn’s main attraction and its spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline, as well as the very special relationship between one spirited little girl and her dad.


Girls Hold Up This World

By Jada Pinkett Smith, Photographs by Donyell Kennedy-McCullough(Scholastic Inc. – 2005)                                                                                                                              The inspiring poem brings warmth and heart to celebrate young women. Accompanied by exuberant and poignant photographs, the words capture the strength, unity and beauty that all girls have inside.



There is a tribe of Kids

By Lane Smith (Roaring Book Press – 2016)                                                            Simple text and enchanting illustrations follows a child on a journey and a series of encounters with animals and other inhabitants of natural world. Each has a tribe of their own, but the child is alone. He finds fun, companionship, and new experiences among those he meets, but always continue his journey until he finds his tribe. IMG_1813


Octopus’s Garden

By Ringo Starr, Illustrated by Ben Cort (Aladdin – 2013)                                               How wouldn’t like to visit an octopus’s garden? You can enjoy underwater adventure in this lively picture book, complete with a CD of a new recording of the song and a read-aloud by Ringo Starr, a member of the Beatles. In this glorious picture book we can celebrate peace, love and octopuses so much.




Can you say Peace?              

By Karen Katz (Henry Holt and Company, LLC – 2006)

On International Day of Peace, and every day throughout the year, children all over the world wish for Peace. 11 Children say Peace in their own language and on the last page show more way to say Peace. >>>The United Nations has declared September 21 ” International Day of Peace”



Peace is an Offering                

By Annette LeBox, Illustrated by Stephanie Graegin (Dial Books for Young Readers – 2015)                                  Follow these neighborhood chiildren as they find love in everday things – in sunlight shining through leaves and cookies shared with friends – and learn that peace is all around if you just look for it. Illustrations and simple, rhyming text show different way that peace can be found, made and shared.



Here we are : Notes for living on Planet Earth    

By Oliver Jeffers (Philomel Books – 2017)

This book was written by a father (the author) to his 2 months old son as welcoming to this planet and giving notes how to enjoy his wonderful life-journey on our Earth.