Numero Uno

By Alex Dorros and Arthur Dorros, Illustrated by Susan Guevara (Abrams Books for Young Readers – 2007)

In a small village, Hercules is known for his great strength and Socrates for his keen intelligence. Whenever the village have a problem, they need one or the other for help. Each man argues that he is the most important person in the village. >>> With characteristic mix of Spanish and English, the author, Arthur Dorros inspired the story which his son, Alex Dorros wrote as being at twelve years old.

小さな村に、力持ちのヘラクレスと頭の良いソクラテスがいた。村で問題が起こると、どちらかに解決を村人たちは期待した。しかし、二人は互いに、村で一番重要な人物は自分だとばかりに口論ばかりしていた。>>>英語の中にスペイン語もちらつくこの話は、作者Aurhur Dorrosが、息子のAlex Dorrosが12歳の時に書いた話を基にして制作した。