Fort Building Time

By Megan Wagner Lloyd, Illustrated by Abigail Halpin (Alfred A. Knopf – 2017)         With hot chocolate in the winter. With rainbows in the spring. With picnics in the summer. And leaf chasing in the fall. Every time is the right time for fort building! Children’s imagination gives a lot of fun and creation as enjoying each season and opportunity.
IMG_2529                                                                                         冬に暖かなココアを飲みながら、春に虹を眺めながら、夏にピクニックをしながら、そして秋には落ち葉を追いかけながら、砦つくりはいつでもどこでもこの上なく楽しい!子ども達の想像力は、いつの季節でもどんな機会でも、愉快と創作力に満ちている。