Johnny works with One Hammer

Retold by Nicholas Ian, Illustrated by Mike Petrik, Music by Drew Temperante (Cantata Learning – 2017 )

As counting number, reading text and sing along with included music, it captures the joy of different people work together. >>> CD is included. The instruction how to use the book and the music score are on the first and last pages.


Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Retold by Nicholas Ian, Illustrated by Misa Saburi, Music Arranged and Produced by Drew Temperante (Cantata Learning – 2017 )

This book is talking about a teddy bear, and shows how to relate with own teddy bear as presenting different kids together. >>> The publisher encourages parents/teachers to read and sing with children, and music CD is included in this book.


I Hear a Pickle (and Smell, See, Touch, and Taste It, Too!)

By Rachel Isadora ( Nancy Paulsen Books – 2016 )

Children explore their five senses, learning what they can see, smell, hear, touch and taste. Simple texts and adorable illustrations can help children to understand how their five senses work.

子ども達が、見る、嗅ぐ、聞く、触る、味わうの自分に備わった五感を探索してゆく。 簡単明瞭なテキストと愛らしいイラストは、子ども達が自分の五感の働きを理解するのに、大いなる助けとなる。

Henry wants MORE!

By Linda Ashman, Illustrated by Brooke Boynton Hughes (Random House-2016)    Henry lives with his biracial parents, Grandma, Lucy and Charlie. Whether spending time with Papa, singing songs with Grandma, playing games with Lucy, or racing with Charlie, toddler Henry wears his family out until his bedtime. And when the bedtime comes, it’s his Mama who wants more giving love to him.



Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender

By Elvis Presley, Illustrated by Stephanie Graegin ( Dial Books for Young Readers -2017 ) Adapted from the unforgettable classic song, Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender is a heartwarming ode to the special bond between children and the adults who love and care for them as featuring the diversity of family.



All of Me! : a book of thanks

By Molly Bang (The Blue Sky Press – 2004)                                                                From toes and elbows to kiss for Mommy and Daddy, colorful collages capture the curiosity  and sense of wonder felt by young children as they discover themselves and the world around them.The final pages are a simple guide to help young hands make their own pictures. >>>Other books by Molly Bang: When Sophie’s Feelings are Really, Really Hurt , The Paper Crane.


手足の先から両親への愛情まで、色鮮やかな貼り絵が幼い子どもの好奇心と不思議を導き、同時に自分の体の機能や日常の様子を発見してゆく。主役の子どもの両親は異民族カップルではあるが、ごく自然にそんな生活環境が伝えられている。巻末ページでは小さな手で色々な芸術が楽しめれるように、Molly Bang らしいアイデアが紹介されている。>>>Molly Bangの他の作品は:When Sophie’s Feelings are Really, Really Hurt , The Paper Crane.

One, Two, Three O’Leary

By Malachy Doyle, Illustrated by Will Hillenbrand (Margaret K. McElderry Books – 2004)    Mr. and Mrs.O’Leary is an Interracial couple, and they have 10 uniquely different children. Their children are tucked snugly in bed, but not for long! One by one they bounce out of bed and fun continues, even as Mr. O’Leary gets ready to go to his nighttime job while trying to settle his little ones down once more. >>>The colorful rhythmic book is upon the traditional Irish rhymes that the author loved as a child.


O’Leary 夫妻は異人種間夫婦であり、大変にユニークな10人の子ども達がいる。子ども達全員がベットに入り、静かになったが、長くはもたなかった。一人二人とベットから飛び出して、遊び始めた。夜間の仕事で父親が出かけなくてはならないにも関らず、子ども達をベットに連れ戻すのは大事になってしまった。>>>色彩も楽しくリズムカルなこの絵本は、作者が子ども時代に楽しんだ、伝統的なアイルランドの韻を踏んだ言葉遊びを参考にしている。

You were loved before you were born

By Lana Button and Karen Barbour (Scholastic Inc. – 2008)
Filled with sunshine and brimming with love, this picture book tells a simple story that celebrates the arrival of the greatest joy in ther world: a precious child.



There was an Old Woman who lived in a Shoe

By Jane Cabrera (Holiday House – 2016)
The varietion of the nursery rhymes features a chaotic household of children and pets who live in a sho, and the old woman knows how to repair broken furniture, remake work clothing, and reuse and recycle. The author and illustrator, Jane Cabrera wants to this picture book to be a celebration of Mothers.



Willow Finds a Way

By Lana Button, Illustrated by Tania Howells (Kids Can Press – 2013)
Willow wants to go to Kristabelle’s fantastic birthday party. So even though she’d rather not, Willow sits at Kristabelle’s table for snack, claps for her tricks on the climber, and wears pink, Kristabelle’s favorite color. But when her bossy classmate un-invites some children from her party, Willow finds away-a quiet but sure Willow way- to say “NO”.