111 Trees : How one village celebrates the birth of every girl

By Rina Singh, Illustrated by Marianne Ferrer (Kids Can Press Ltd. -2020)

Based on a true story in the village of India. As a boy, Sundar witnesses the struggle of those around him-How irresponsible mining ravages the countryside. How ancient customs and beliefs caused gender inequality and discrimination. How the birth of a boy is celebrated with music and food-while the birth of a girl is met with silence. He dreams of a better life for all-both boys and girls. Years pass, Sundar grows up, marries and becomes a father. When he is elected the village head, he proposed a plan that will both heal the land and honor girls. But the villagers reject his ideas. Still, Sundar is determined. He knows what he has to do, after his older daughter dies. >>> Why 111 trees? With a stick, Sundar made three lines on the ground for the three things that came to his mind: Daughter, Water, Trees. The detail info. is at the end.


In my Mosque

By M.O. Yuksel, Illustrated by Hatem Aly (HARPER ~ 2021)

No matter who you are or where you’re from, step in and discover all the rituals and wonders of the mosque. From grandmother reading lines of the Qur’an and the imam telling stories of living as one to meeting new friends and learning to help others, mosques are center for friendship, community, and love. Paired with stunning artwork and lyrical text celebrates the joy and traditional found in every mosque around the world. >>> In the last pages, found Glossary of Arabic and the list of some mosques throughout the world.


Osnat and her Dove : The true story of the world’s first female Rabbi

By Sigal Samuel, Illustrated by Vali Mintzi (Levine Querido ~ 2021)

Osnat Barzani was born in 1590 in Mosul, located in modern-day Iraq, when few girls were allowed to read. Osnat convinced her father to teach her to read books. Then she in turn grew up to teach others, becoming a wise and famous scholar. People told amazing stories bout her, but perhaps her greatest feat was to be a light of inspiration for others-to show that any person who can learn might find a path that none have walked before.

Osnat Barzaniは1590年に現在のイラクに位置するMosulで生まれたが、その時代はほとんどの女性が読むことが出来なかった。彼女は父親を説得して、読み方を教えてもらった。そして、彼女は他の人達を教える教師として成長し、更には有名な学者になった。彼女は世界で最初の女性ラビ(ユダヤ教指導者)でもあった。人々は彼女について多くの偉業を語ったが、最も大きな彼女の功績は、他の人が成し遂げていない偉業を誰にでも可能にするのは、勉学にあると啓蒙したことだろう。実話に基ずく絵本。

Seven Special Somethings : A Nowruz Story

By Adib Khorram, Illustrated by Zainab Faidhi (Dial Books for Young Readers – 2021)

Nowruz (means “new day” in Farsi/Persian language, and around March 21 Persian people celebrate it) is finally here! Kian can’t wait to celebrate with his family. He’s got plans to make it the happiest Persian New Year yet. But when a little bit of mischief ruins the family’s carefully arranged haft-seen, Kian has to find a way to fill the table back up again. The haft-seen had seven symbols, all starting with S to bring the family a new year full of joy. Can Kian find seven new S’s for Nowruz? It’s a lovely family story.


Nicanor’s Gate

By Eric A. Kimmel, Illustrated by Alida Massari (Kar-Ben Publishing – 2020)

Nicanor was a successful merchant who possessed great wealth in the ancient Alexandria. When an invitation came from the King asking Nicanor to help restore the Temple in Jerusalem, Nicanor was excited. He created a beautiful new gate for the Temple, but his happiness was lost when the marvelous gate sank into the sea on the way to Jerusalem. Then, wonder of wonder, a miracle occurs.


Taj Mahal

By Caroline Arnold and Madeleine Comora, Illustrated by Rahul Bhushan  ( Carolrhoda Books, Inc. – 2007 )

The Taj Mahal, whose beauty has inspired poets and artists for centuries, is one of the world’s best-known monuments. Behind its creation lies the love story of Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal, in the Mughal era. >>> On the last pages, providing the detail information of this story and Indian culture.

数世紀にわたって、タージマハールの美しさは多くの詩人や芸術家を魅了してきた。世界で最も良く知られた記念建造物の一つであるタージマハールには、ムガル帝国時代のShah Jahan帝王と彼の妻Mumtaz Mahalの愛の物語が込められている。>>>巻末ページには物語の詳しい説明とインド文化の情報が記載されている。

Baya, Baya, Lulla-by-a

By Megan McDonald, Illustrated by Vera Rosenberry (A Richard Jackson Book – 2003)

The baya bird of India weaves its nest of grasses and flowers. In this dramatic yet lulling lullaby of a book, such a bird also save a baby girl’s life. Melodious words and artful pictures interwire to cast a spell, as luminous as the nest the baya bird builds and encrusts with fireflies, as powerful as the love one Indian mother feels for her little girl. >>> Glossary of Hindi words and note about baya bird found on the last page.



Silent Music : A Story of Baghdad

By James Rumford (Roaring Brook Press – 2008)

Ali lives in Baghdad, a dangerous place undergoing difficult times. He loves soccer and loud music, but most of all he loves practicing calligraphy, the ancient art of drawing letters. He is inspired by Yakut, the master calligrapher who lived in Baghdad some 800 years ago, also in a time of war.


Ali は、戦火の激しくなるバグダッドに住んでいた。彼は、サッカーが好きで、大音響の音楽が好きで、そして何よりも芸術的で伝統的な文字を書く練習が好きであった。Ali は、800年も前にアラビア文字の美しさを完成した有名な書道家であるYakutを崇拝していた。Yakut は、モンゴル族がバグダッドを攻めてきた時、塔に一人こもって平常心を保つ為に文字を書き続けた。Ali も、戦火の激しい夜の闇の中で、平和を祈った文字を書き平常心を保つようにした。

Stepping Stones: A Refugee Family’s Journey

By Margriet Ruurs, Artwork by Nizar Ali Badr (Orca Book Publishers – 2016)

This unique picture book, as a dual-language ( English and Arabic) edition, was inspired by the stone artwork of Syrian artist Nizar Ali Badr, discovered by Canadian children’s writer Margriet Ruurs. The story is that Rama and her family who are forced to flee their once-peaceful village to escape the ravages of the civil war raging ever close to their home.


ユニークなこの絵本は、英語とアラビア語で書かれ、イメージは小石で作られた作品を使用している。この小石の芸術はシリアの芸術家Nizar Ali Badr の作品であり、彼の作品に感銘を受けたカナダの児童作家であるMargriet Ruursが、彼を探し出して、この児童本が制作された。この本の話は、平和に暮らしていた村の生活に戦争が迫ってきた為に、村を離れてはるか遠くの地へと移っていったラマと彼女の家族が主人公。副題の通り、シリア難民家族の平和を求めての逃避物語である。

Two Parrots       

By Rashin, Inspired by Tale from Rumi who was a thirteenth-century Persian Poet.  (NorthSouth Books, Inc. – 2014)

In Persia, there was a wealthy merchant who traveled the world for his business. On one of his journeys to India, he received a beautiful parrot as a gift from a friend. The merchant loved the bird and fed the best food as keeping the parrot in a shiny golden cage. But, the parrot was sad, and asked the merchant to pass his message to his friend parrot in India while the merchant traveling there. It’s a story about communication of two parrots, and also life lesson for human being.