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S.H.I. – School House International ~ Advocating Multicultural Education

Welcome to the web-site of School House International. Since 1984 we provide ideas, events, and resources for Multicultural Understanding .

Our collection consists of children’s picture books and films. Our children’s picture books are selected from public libraries in the United States, and our films are selected through Image Streaming Service also based in the US. We hope to inspire self cultivation through our words, illustrations, and images from S.H.I.’s collection, a big step towards your multicultural understandings.

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スクール ハウス インターナショナル – S. H. I.  の ウェブサイトに ようこそ! 1984年より、異文化間の理解を深める為に、資料、クラス、アイデアの提供やイベントを行なっています。