Ask Me                    

By Bernard Waber, Illustrated by Suzy Lee (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – 2015)                  A father and daughter walk through their neighborhood, brimming with question-such as “What else?” and “How come?”- as they explore their world. With a tenderly written story and glorious illustrations, this book is the ultimate celebration of a child’ curiosity, and of a father and daughter’s deep and abiding love for each other.                         

父と娘が近所を散策しながら、矢継ぎ早に ”他には?” や ”どうして?” の質問を交わす。日常の一こまを素晴らしいイラストによって描いたこの絵本は、子どもの好奇心と、父と娘の強い愛の絆を、心から祝福している。