Separate is never Equal: Sylvia Mendez & Her family’s Fight for Desegregation

By Duncan Tonatiuh (Abrams Books for Young Readers – 2014)                              Sylvia Mendez was excited about enrolling in her neighborhood school, when her family moved to the town of Westminster, California. But she and her brothers were turned away and told they had to attend the Mexican school instead. Sylvia could not understand why – she was an American citizen who spoke perfect English. The Mendez family decided to take matters into its own hands and organize a lawsuit. In the end, the Mendez family’s efforts helped bring an end to segregated schooling in California in 1947. It was 7 years before the landmark Supreme Court ruling in Brown V. Board of Education ended segregation in schools across America. >>>Historical documents and the glossary found in the last part of the book.


Sylvia Mendezは、カリフォルニアのWestminsterに家族と引っ越した時に、近くにある学校へ通うのを楽しみにしていた。ところが彼女と弟達はその学校の入学を断られて、代わりにメキシコ人学校へ行くように告げられた。Sylviaはアメリカ人であり英語も充分に話せれるのに、何故メキシコ人学校へ行くのか解らなかった。彼女の家族は法廷闘争で人種別離政策を訴え、多くの人達の支持を得て、1947年カリフォルニアでの学校における人種別離政策を禁ずることに成功した。それは、米国最高裁が全米の学校における人種別離政策を禁じる7年前のことであった。>>>史実や使用用語辞典が巻末にあり。