The barefooted, bad-tempered baby brigade

By Deborah Diesen, Illustrated by Tracy Dockray (Tricycle Press – 2010)                       A crowd of cranky and angry babies march on the street to the city hall.                       On the stage of the city hall, they shout revolting words against their parents                  in audience. But happily babies receive lovely ending.



Fools rush in

Directed by Andy Tennant (1997)                                                                                A businessman from New York lives in Las Vegas to manage his constricting project. He meets a Mexican girl in Las Vegas and they spent time together that cursed of their cultural crash.

邦題:<愛さずにはいられない>                                                                                ニューヨークのビジネスマンが、ラスベガスに新しいバー開設の仕事で、ラスベガス住まいとなった。そして偶然にも知り合ったメキシコ娘。再度彼女が彼の前に現れたとき、彼の子を身ごもったと知らされる。米国東部の白人系メンタリティーと文化が、ラテン系のメンタリティーと文化にラスベガスでぶつかり合う。ラブコメディーの映画だが、異民族文化カップルの異文化理解への努力が随所に語られていて、楽しく学ばされる価値ある作品である。

Taken from me: The Tiffany Rubin Story

Directed by Gary Harvey (2011) /Lifetime                                                                Based on dramatic true story of Tiffany Robin. Her son is abducted by his biological Korean-American father and taken from his home in Queens, New York, all the way to Soul, South Korea. Tiffany decides to search her son in South Korea and to take him back to home even under risky political situation.


The other end of the line

Directed by James Dodson (2008)                                                                                   Without knowing that Customer Service of an American Credit Company automatically connects to India, an American  young man attempts to have a date with the charming voiced lady on the other end of the calling-line. Their date is set up to meet                   in San Francisco, and the lady flies out for fun from Mumbai, India.