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Directed by Eugenio Derbez (2013)                                                                         Mexican playboy Valentin living in Acapulco was trained by his father how to control and overcome his own nightmare when he was little. One day playboy Valentin spent time with an American girl traveler, and few months latter surprisingly she knockes his door to leave a baby in Valentin’s hands and she never returns. Valentin goes to Los Angeles for searching the baby’s mother, but hopeless. Without any other choice, the ex-playboy finds a stuntman job in Hollywood and settles in Los Angeles to raise his baby girl, Maggie. Seven years old Maggie helps her father to  translate, as Valentin’s cannot understand English even at his jobsites in Hollywood. On the other hand, Maggie lives in the fantasy world  while she believes her world traveling mother will come home to be with her one day.                                                                          It’s a comedy and silly story, but powerful messages in the ending.                           >The director Eugenio Derbez written the scrip and also starring role of father.