Directed by Jeff Hare (Thai Movie 2009)                                                                      Thai girl, whose parents own a coffee trees farm in Thailand, needs to stand up for rescue the village people and her family business as well. The village people are workers of her parents business facing risky funding problems. Bravery, she appears at the negotiation table with an American young buyer. She strongly recommends him to visit her parents’ coffee tree farm in the village,  and he finally comes out from the busy city in Thailand.  Marvelous landscapes on the way to the village and people’s natural hospitality flows into the American young man’s heart, and his business oriented mind is slowly but surely melting down. Local traditional cultures of Thailand are attractive.

タイのKrabiでコーヒー豆の栽培をしている両親をもつ娘が、経営難のコーヒー豆栽培をしている村人達を救うために、 アメリカから派遣されてきた買い付けの男性と交渉をすることになる。タイの美しい大自然の神秘の中で、アメリカ人ビジネスマンの心に変化が現れる。タイの 都会と大自然に抱かれた村の文化の狭間で、揺れ動く娘心にも変化が。異文化間の経済問題を含みながらも、ロマンチックに仕上げた映画。タイの民間行事も映 画の随所に散りばめられ、楽しめれる。