The World’s Fastest Indian

Directed by Roger Donaldson (2005)                                                                                                                               Based on a true story of a motorcycle rider.  Burt Munro, New Zealand resident, wishes to challenge making the world record of motorcycle speed, and has been tinkering with his 1920s-era Indian brand motorcycle for years.  It’s in 1960s, as depending on his medication for his poor health, Burt decides to take his beloved old but refreshed bike to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, site of world record for speed racing. 68 years old passionate man leaves home with his motorcycle to cross the ocean and enters into American to travel its land until his final destination. Meeting with multiracial, multigenerational, multicultural people in America, everyone cheers his untried passion of his life long dream. Even after several his disappointed challenges, Burt grabs his dream onto his real life.

ニュージランド人バート・マンローは、1920年製インディアン(オートバイ)を自分で改造して1967年に 1000cc以下のオートバイ陸上速度記録を樹立したが、その実話に基ずいた映画。この記録達成の為に、米国ユタ州にあるボンネビルの塩湖へ一人出かける 老人を、当時67歳のイギリス人俳優Anthony Hopkinsが熱演。スピードへの挑戦以上に、68歳の外国人老人の情熱に、米国で出会う様々な人種やタイプの人達が、感化を受けてゆく様子が暖かく描 かれている。人間にとっての情熱が生み出すエネルギーは、異なるカルチャーや年代をも超えて、感動を与えてくれることを再認識させられる。