Nowhere in Africa

Directed by Caroline Link (2001)                                                                            Based on a true story of a Jewish family.  Jewish couple wife and husband, and their five years old daughter flee from the Nazi regime in their home country Germany, and they head to Africa in 1938.  As challenging to settle in Kenya, they receive uncontrolled news of the raged war from the other side of the world. Their relation as a family becomes unstable emotionally, but eventually they learn to cherish their days in Africa as their daughter embraces her new environments.

第二次世界大戦当時、ナチによるユダヤ人迫害が強化されるドイツから逃れてケニアに住んだユダヤ人夫婦の物語。幼い娘連 れで、夫の待つケニアに船で渡った妻は、戸惑いながらもアフリカ生活に馴染んでたくましく生きるようになる。アフリカの空気を吸い、アフリカの食べ物を食 べ、現地の村人達に溶け込んで育った娘も、アフリカでの大自然との生活にすっかり染まる。祖国から届く家族の手紙によって知らせれる人間の狂気と実に対照 的な、アフリカの素朴で暖かな人達が印象深い。