Silent Night

Directed by Rodney Gibbons  (2002)                                                                        Based on a true story of 1944 Christmas Eve. German mother and her second son escape to their hut in the forest. She lost her first son by war, and ensures to protect her second son as running away from the war zone in their town. Shortly after their settling in the hut, three American soldiers who lost their way and three German soldiers accidentally appear in front of the mother and son. She provides a shelter for all soldiers after taking away their all weapons and hiding them. Fear,misunderstanding, prejudgment, and all negativity in each ones’ mind are slowly retreated. Their weapon free dinner of Christmas Eve is truly celebrated with their harmonized peaceful spirit.

1944年のクリスマスイブに起こった実話の映画化。第二次世界大戦末期、ドイツの森にある山小屋に戦火を逃れてやって きたドイツ人母と息子。そこに3人の米兵と3人のドイツ兵が現れた。敵味方を共に迎える緊迫した空気の中で、母親は息子を危険から守る為に、全員の銃を手 放させ、そして勇敢にも全員を暖かく山小屋に歓迎した。予期せず8人で過ごすクリスマスイブ。やがてお互いの警戒心や先入観が消えてゆき、暖かで清らかな 気持ちを各自が取り戻してゆく。異文化を超えて通い合う心の感動に溢れる映画。

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